We just got Ein a new friend because he's been acting a little lonely. However he isn't too thrilled with Chloe yet, I really want this all to work out and hope that it's just something he'll have to get used to.
I'm open to any suggestions on how to get Ein and Chloe closer though :)

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Carleigh, I just had the same issue with Micah. My husband and I brought home an 8 week old bulldog puppy and micah was not happy. What we did to help acclimate her to the new addition was introduce them outside, and then try and play with them both together inside. We also make sure to keep the puppy in his crate for a little bit so Micah can have alone time and not be pestered. How long has the puppy been home? it could be that Ein just needs some time to get used to having Chloe around and will eventually warm up to her. Micah is just now getting used to Beau, but she's still very wary and growly after a week.
Take your time acclimating them. Thats going to be the main key as always with dogs and puppies, Patience. Its hard I know, but make sure your still giving a lot of your attention to your old dog so he does not feel lonely, neglected or put aside by this new young upstart. Taking them on walks together will really help. As pack animals walking, jogging, is what dogs do together. Depending on how Ein is acting maybe give Ein his own "personal" time with just you, and then some time with the new pup. You may find that helps a bit :)
First, congrats on the new puppy! The best thing to do to help them is walk them together. Not a pulling, they are in front of you walk. A controlled, dogs at each side of you walk. As they walk better with each other, start walking them both on the same side; again you in charge and dogs by your side. At some point, if it's easier for you, use a coupler. (I always hated to have extra leashes in my hands.) This will create a "pack" mentality and give them the opportunity to bond.

The second thing is just as important as the first: get them some good, supervised playtime away from the house. It that's a fenced in back yard, fine. But they have to see each other and interact in a neutral location. For example, when my clients talk of getting a second dog, I suggest they do not simply bring the new pup home and drop it in the middle of the floor. That creates territory issues. I suggest that one of them take the older pup to the park and the other person bring the new pup to the park and let them play together before taking them home. It makes the adjustment a bit more tolerable.

Good luck with the two of them. You can bring them into pack alignment with some walking and play designed to bring them together.

When my 8-year old Pembroke was 5, I adopted a 1-year old.  Ooffee wasn't terribly happy about that but Lulu loved her older sister and wouldn't allow being ignored.  It took time for Ooffee to accept Lulu but it does work out.  However, Ooffee was raised by me from a puppy, and will always be just a bit jealous when I pet Lulu. So I try to pet them both at the same time.  When Ooffee is asleep, I play with Lulu. Now it's three years later; they play together and lie next to each other. If I take one for a walk, the other MUST come along.  It works out.

With Ellie, it is perfectly normal for her to distrust anything new or different in the house, but she eventually gets used to it.  I suspect it will be the same for Ein--they will probably be best buds in no time.  By the way, we want pictures.

Love the name Ein. From Cowboy Bebop right? I was gonna name mine that, but then I decided against it. Now I have my little Pancake.

I was worried my cats would hate him, but so far they just seem confused. One of them is getting along great, but the other two are remaining cautious.

On a side note, I am moving in with some friends in a few months and they have dogs as well. Thats 3 dogs in our house (counting Pancake and he will be the youngest) so I hope they all get along. I plan on slowly introducing them the next few months. 


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