Hello! I am so pleased to have found this site. I have been perusing around and so thrilled to have experiences of others to learn from.

Pepper is 15 weeks old and has been home for a little over two weeks. She is a tri-color delute (?) Pembroke Welsh corgi. We are all terribly smitten.

I have a few questions that I hope you all can help me with.

1. How long until she can hold her bladder more than 2-3 hours? I crate her whenever we leave the house and make a point not to be gone more than 2-3 hours. For the past week she has been doing very well. I always put a pad down in her crate in case she has to go. At night, I take her out at about 10:30 and make sure she empties her bladder and bowel (with luck) and put her in the crate for the night. I come down at 6:30 and she has usually peed in a spot on the pad and is resting on the other half of it. So I guess I am also asking if there should be a time she will make it through the night without going?


2. Some days she wil willingly walk around the block. Other days she just plops down and refuses to go beyond our yard. Should I be firm about making her walk?

3. Is her diluted color unusual? Everyone says they have never seen a corgi that looks like her. ALl her litter mates were orange and white except one other that was tri color. She is a registered with the AKC. 


I hope this all makes sense. Thanks in advance.


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I have attached a link to a pic of her. :)

I thought she was beautiful.  I didn't know such a condition occurred.

I love her coloring, I think she is just gorgeous!

1. Count one hour of being able to "hold it" for every month old they are. Roughly. Your experience may vary - Ace at 4 months managed to hold it for 8 hours a night very shortly after arriving. But then, in the day time, he'd ask for potty up to every 30 minutes. Monitoring her water consumption is key. :) I do not recommend putting a pad in her crate. You want the little "den" to be a clean, safe place for her, and not encourage her to go in it. The sooner you can wean her off pee pads, the better.

2. Sometimes puppies are tired. Ace often did the "I'm not going ANYWHERE" bit when he arrived. Sometimes I powered through, nudging him along with food, and other times I just headed back to the flat to play and tire him out. Encourage going potty while you're outside, and go frequently! By 15 wks she should be reliably going ONLY outside, provided she is let out during the work day @ lunch or whatever.

3. She doesn't seem that unusual, just a pretty red-headed Tricolor with a nice saddle. When people refer to "dilution" of colour, they refer more to a dog who is liver, or gray where he should be red or black. These variations are few and far between, and are fairly difficult to attain in this day and age as they are not desirable colors for the conformation ring.

Based on the picture, Pepper looks like a regular tricolor to me, but that could just be from the picture. If she really is a dilute, that is what is called a "bluie", explained here: http://www.pembrokecorgi.org/bluies.html

Overnight is probably too long for her to hold her bladder at her age. Is her crate near enough to you at night that you can hear her if she whimpers? Then she can be let out in the middle of the night to pee. Don't put pads in her crate---you'll just train her to go in there.

I don't really have an advice on the walking part---in other non-corgi puppies I've raised, I found that teaching them to walk on a leash took quite a while. 

Congrats! Pepper is a cutie!

Welcome Sarah,

1. It'll take 1-2 months to hold 2-3 hrs, read and reread the faq on potty training. Throw away your pad, it'll speed up the process.

2. Yes, but you should watch weather, corgis are very food motivated, use it to lure her to walk.

3. No. AKC means nothing at all.

She looks like a typical gorgeous tri-color. They can take a while to settle into their final coloration. My Pippa was an obvious black tri from the beginning, but her brother spend the last year looking like a sable, only to end up a red headed tri.

This basically shows what I am trying to say:

Thanks so much! I really appreciate all of the responses.


I read and reread the FAQs. Wow. I am so grateful! I feel like I am doing a lot of thoses things, but need to improve on a few things. I have been putting her in a crate that is probably twice as large as it needs to be for her.  2 ft. high, maybe 3 feet long and 2 ft. accross. She can easily pee/poop on one side and sleep on the other. hI get a divider for it and confine her to less space while in her crate?

Also, I have not been getting up at night to let her out. I don't hear her crying or anything. Every morning I come down she has always peed and sometimes pooped in a section of her crate. In looking at the formula (how many months plus one) she should only be able to hold it for about 4-5 hours.


Would you all reccommed putting her in less space during the night and me getting up 4 hours after I put her down to let her out?

This is my first puppy so I am obviously in need of guidance. I managed twins.....you'd think I could handle this!! :O ;)

Thanks for your patience



It's just really not encouraged to let a dog pee and defecate in the same general area that it is going to sleep/spend its alone time. Would you like to set up camp next to a toilet? :) Pee pads, I have found, only encourage indoor evacuating. It's a pretty tough habit to be rid of completely. I used pads for ONE night with Ace and he went crazy with peeing indoors (albeit on them).

Once I got rid of them, I disciplined myself into taking him out religiously every 4-5 hours at night. He quickly was able to sleep through the night. That's part of having a puppy - you have some responsibilities that kinda suck, like interrupting a great night of sleep to take them out. But they grow SO quickly, that before you know it, you'll be back to sleeping through the night.

I really recommend just putting her in a snug little crate, and you getting up after a few hours of her confinement. It will really expedite her being completely housetrained, and you can do away with those pee pads forever. :) I promise that it is definitely easier, and cleaner in the long run! Good luck!

I would put her crate where you sleep...it would also help the bonding between you and her.... also it will give you and idea when she would need to go because they will make a fuss. 

-And yes, the crate needs to be big enough that if they were to pee or poop they would very close to it....typically dogs dont like to sleep where they're near poop and pee which in turns teaches your dog to hold their bladder.


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