Has anyone heard of NexGard for flea and tick control? It is a chewable and is what my vet is pushing this year.

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This is the first I've heard of it.  I'm not one to jump on any new med for me or the critters.  I would compare the ingredients with Trifectis (sp).  I know one of the ingredients in has killed or made many dogs sick.  I can't remember which one tho, I will have to ask my friend, she almost lost her doxie to it last year.

I agree with Linda that I'm not one to jump in on a new product. The ingredients are totally different than any any other chewable product. I would skip it for a few years and see how things go before buying it for my pets. 

Now I'm scared. I have given it to Sully for the past two months. She tolerated it really well. Hope it is not dangerous or anything. The vet recommended it. I like it because I don't have to worry about it washing off in the rain and snow and it doesn't seem to make her as itchy. The price was similar to other products.

my vet was also pushing this, more so for flea control then ticks, because we had Gible vaccinated for lyme. we tried a month of it and didn't really didnt see a difference in the before or after. if gible has fleas i just whisk him in the bath and hes pretty good for a while. 

Would you eat an insecticide? If not, possibly reconsider feeding it to the dog?

With so many in my family getting Lyme Disease more than once I may consider eating an insecticide. I know you have a point, but topical medications get into the body as well. We live in Lyme Disease territory and I find deer ticks on me daily in warm weather despite using every precaution.Very hard to avoid. I HATE ticks!

After reading all the hair-raising posts here, I guess I'm now with you! It would be that or stay hunkered indoors all the time!

Or...heh heh heh...it's never too late to move to Arizona! :-D

We do have the occasional tick here, but Lyme disease is not widespread. Yet.

Becca has already had Lyme, and we live in a high tick area. Frontline does not work. Advantix and Activyl make it hard with the cat. It is hard to balance the risks. I know people with Lyme who probably take it if they could.

Oh my goodness. I didn't realize dogs could get Lyme disease (shows you what I know!!!!!!!). Guess if you lived in an area with those nasty bugs and an even nastier ailment, you'd have no choice but to use whatever is on the market to protect yourself and your critters.

Eeek! Snow up to your schnozzes all winter. Now evil ticks and Lyme disease? Every time I come to this site I'm thankful my father dragged me to Arizona all those years ago. Give me a nice little black widow over a tick any day. At least our black widows eat mosquitoes. Goooood little spiders (just don't look funny at them).

I also live in a high Lyme area.  Max had it before we got him.  Now both Max & Katie get vaccinated.  I use the Frontline Plus of both of them.  I live right in the city so the instance of ticks is not high and they spray along the trail where I take them for walks.

A vet tech page I am on recently posted a similar question about experiences with NexGard. Sounds like it isn't a good tick product and is only labeled for one species of tick, takes over 24 hours to kill a tick and by then any tick borne diseases have been transferred to the dog. From a technician standpoint, many are recommending seresto collars as the most effective tick treatment since it both repels and kills. If you don't like the idea of a collar I'd stick with another topical if you know of one that works in your area.


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