Squishables stuffed critters is having a contest to see what their next stuffed critter will be.  It will be a dog, but let's make it a corgi!  Please cast your vote here:  http://www.squishable.com/s/dog_days

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I'm smelling a hack job.

Corgis are currently at +1174 with -1244!

The Shiba Inu is +1411 with -634...

If these numbers are accurate, there are more Corgi haters than lovers out there...and I know that CAN'T be true.

Yesterday corgis had like 1700 thumbs up then all of a sudden it jumped down to 700-something. Its riiiggged

I'm confused too.  Last night Shiba Inus weren't even in the picture and now they are leading :(  I mean, they are similar to corgis, but not corgis. 

If they produce the corgi, I WILL buy one, as I collect them.  If it is another breed, I will not.  So please be a corgi!

Cleeeaaarrly some shiba inu owner figured out that if your clear your browsing data you can vote again, I looked on there refreshed it, and every second there was another negative vote for the corgi :( who hates corgis so much

So... how do I do this?  haha.  Cleared my cookies/history/etc, refreshed, nothing happened.

EDIT: If you go to proxy.org and use that to get to the voting page, you can vote infinitely!

on firefox if you hit ctrl shift delete and check everything under "details" it lets you vote again

corgis have -1900 now  D:

See my edit!  WE WILL WIN.  

People would seriously stoop to "cheating" the voting system (although it's not a very good one considering it works by caching) for this? Ugh. I'm pretty sure every Corgi upvote was earned; they're like the most popular dog of the Internet right now.

Corgis are definitely wayyy more popular on the internet than Shibas. Although Shibas are quite cute, nothing beats corgi cuteness

Lol, well...

If others stoop to cheating, I will too.  Gotta bring the game on even ground--especially when a CORGI SQUISHABLE is the prize!

Haha I would use the proxy.org but I'm currently on my work computer which doesn't allow that haha
Maybe I can use my iphone......

can't wait for the caridgan corgi, blue merle to come out, anyone know when that is coming.  I know the tri cardigan is being released in september!


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