Nicky needs our Prayers-Intervertebral Disc Disease

How can one day be great and the next disasterous. Sunday morning Nicky was fine, playing ball and having fun. By Sunday evening he was walking funny, his rear legs were not moving very well. He could only sit with his head up. This morning Monday  it was worse. Took to vet at 9am took X-rays that showed he has a disc thats bulging and signs of sure pain. By 1:00 he could no longer walk on his rear legs. Not good.  I have to get an MRI done. But my questions is has anyone gone thru this, and if so what is the recovery rate on back surgery and do they have full use of legs or semi or none. I am trying to keep him comfortable and still. The vet did give him a shot and some steroids for now.

 Update: Tues afternoon

  MRI showed herniated disc and that it is bleeding out along the spinal cord. Not good. But they will operate and hope for the best. The surgery itself is about 4-5 hours long. OMG, and will be a very delicate surgery. My wishes are that he pulls thru this major surgery and can walk, and if not fully walk , just a little bit.  That would be the best Mothers Day gift i could receive. To just hold him in my arms again. So this will be a long afternoon of waiting and prayers.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers and corgi paws crossed***:)


Update:  Nickey's out of surgery 4:00, Neurosurgeon said it went well they cleaned out the area and stopped the bleeding. Was a 4 1/2 hour operation. His incision is 12 inches long. I can;t imagine seeing something like that on a dog. He will stay there for 2 days. She said that therapy will be very important and critical for his recovery. We still won't know how effective the surgery was until he wakes up and do some tests on any feeling that he has, also will take some time for the swelling to go down i imagine. I can't wait to see him. I can't imagine the pain he will be in when he wakes up. For now, he is very sedated till tomorrow.

UPDATE: Wed Night--- Just came from visiting Nicky at the hospital. Looks so sad.  They were showing me how to expell his bladder. Its not that easy.  The news is Nicky is not showing any signs of deep pain feeling. Or when the doctor ran her fingers along his spine, he did not flinch at all. I was hoping for some good signs. None at all at this time. I sure hope he comes around, i feel so bad for him. Looking for a good rehab for canine now.

THURS 5/10--Went to visit with Nickey. Sad to say no deep pain feeling as yet :( . Gotta keep positive.  Practiced expressing his bladder. Then sat with him and massaged his toes and hips and legs. Might bring him home Sunday. With surgery and hospital stay and MRI  i have surpassed $8000.00. Yikes. I am almost maxed out on credit card. But i will do whatever it takes for him. Gonna have to come with something. Maybe have a garage sale. We still have rehab ahead of us. I just pray for him, that he can get some feeling back.



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Thank you Hannah and McKEnzie

I've started a similar discussion about my dog.  It has some very helpful info..=) 

Thank you Rebecca, he is having surgery this morning.


I don't have any experience with this in dogs, but do know in humans a bulging disc will heal on it's own if you can stand the pain that long.  Good luck...keep us updated.

Thank you Jennifer

Poor little boy.  I hope something can be helpful without too much complicated work.  So sorry for him.

Thank you Lois

I am so sorry to hear this... I don't know about disc disease but we are facing surgery for Edward on Thursday for an ACL repair so I know how worried you must be.. I will keep Nicky in our prayers..

Thanks for your prayers Ed Gemima. We sure need them.

I am so sorry, I do know this is extremely painful in humans, but does not always require surgery.  Usually it is caused by some kind of trauma, did he fall/jump/roll/land/twist funny that you know of?  I'm sure you are racking your brain trying to figure it out :( 

Prayers for Nicky that his pain can be managed and he can heal soon!

Thank you Tomi,  Nicky will have surgery today, he had declined very quickly.

Corgi hugs, we are pulling for you!


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