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I got my corgi, Malcolm, 1 week ago (currently he is 9 weeks old). He is easily trainable when it comes to potty training but he bites my hands, elbows and feet during play. His sharp little teeth hurt! The most frustrating part for me and my boyfriend is that he doesn't like to sit next to us or just be petted. He will lie and take naps away from us and if we start petting him he begins biting. My dog trainer wants to begin socializing him within the next two weeks, after he gets his second set of vacations. Will this help him be a more friendly towards us? Or is it just part of his personality that we might just have to accept? I know he enjoys my company somewhat, as he follows me around the house at times and gets excited when I come home from work. Thank you for the advice!

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Foxy wasn't particularly cuddly when she was little.  She mostly slept in her bed but once she got big enough to get on the couch she became a cuddler.  She'll usually start out sleeping by me for naps and getting petted but then moves away after a while to really sleep.  Give it time, now she's my best friend and never is far from me.  She was also a terrible nipper.  The vet suggested holding her muzzle shut and saying n,o but for me that just escalated the situation.  I basically just told her no a lot!  She seemed to overnight grow out of it.  The yelping loud never worked as a puppy, she wouldn't even respond to me.  I have to say as she's gotten older (she's 15 months) if I even say ouch if she accidently gets me while playing she drops the toy and jumps on my lap and starts giving me kisses.  Maybe she really was learning something all along.  Sorry I don't have better advice, but if you work at it, it will get better.  I always say just as I was thinking I can't much more of this things got better. 

Lilliput is 7 years old, and is just now coming to sit on my chair with me for a few minutes. Sometimes she even sets her chin on my leg. Not a cuddler. But she has always loved petting, and crawls under my bed to be near me. Another recent development is that she will lie quietly on the other side of the bed while I'm reading AFTER her dinner and AFTER her chewy snack (she gets lamb ears.) So maybe by the time she's 10 she'll sit on my lap. My solution is to have a cuddly spaniel as well as my ever-on-alert corgi. Best of both worlds.


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