What's ur opinion on shaving corgi's? I shaved mine about 7 months ago his hairs back, normal as ever. I read some bad comments about shaving them so I'm scared to do it a second time! But I loved being hair free! 

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I've heard that double coated breeds should not be shaved.  The undercoat helps to keep cool as well as keep warm.  I see he is a BHT, so the black fur would get hotter in the sun (moreso than a red/white corgi).

Personally, I like the pretty fluffy coat, (and don't mind dog hair in every corner of the house) but if he seemed to do better in the past being shaved, then whatever you do is up to you.

If you are concerned about the sun and overheating, I've seen vests the dogs can wear during walk.  John Wolfe (on this site) uses them for his RHTs.

My personal opinion - I think it's awful. It's not going to stop the dog from shedding, and makes them more susceptible to bugs and sunburn. Corgis naturally have a very durable double coat which should not be shaved, and to do it for one's own convenience just seems wrong to me.

Everything I've read and seen says the same thing....shaving presents a terrible set of risks for your corgi: these range from them not being able to regulate their body temperature, to them getting sunburn to their coat being damaged.

None of us really ENJOYS the shedding and the fur, but for me, it's part of the deal: I chose to own a corgi (two actually) and if the choice is between risking their health versus my convenience/less cleaning, I'll choose more sweeping.

I just sing my little song....."hi ho, hi ho, to sweep more fur I go...."

I love that song, ill have to borrow it! hahah i tell my husband that i vacuum every other day for my sanity. It actually calms my nerves.. LOL hes like " ok you go for it"

Here's the whole thing: (I wrote it last summer during coat-blowing time)


Hi ho, hi ho, to sweep more fur I go, in piles and drifts and corners and shifts, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho hi ho!

Hi ho, hi ho, how do the piles grow! Pat the dog and see fur flow, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho hi ho!

Hi ho, hi ho, corgis shed a lot we know, but we sweep more 'cause we love them so hi ho, hi ho, hi ho hi ho!

Hi Casee, detail scientific explanation is in the FAQ, shedding is a normal healthy daily part of life, embraced it :) In a nut shell, If you use oven mitts to protect yourself from getting burn, don't shave a corgi.

I have to say that I agree with the others.  Shaving, in my opinion, is not an option unless there is a medical reason that requires it.  Even if the fur grows back normally every time, I still feel that it is wrong.  The fur is there for a reason, just like hair on a human being and feathers on a bird.  Yuki sheds something awful every spring and fall, and I fully expect Ellie to do the same.  Just keep a regular brushing schedule and vacuum more frequently to keep the flying fur to a minimum.  ;)

Here are a few past discussions about shaving your corgi. If you go up to the search bar in top left and type shaving you will get about 6 pages of discussions on why you should NEVER shave a corgi. While it may be nice to not  have as much shedding, you have a corgi!!! They are known for shedding! Lol. You can try brushing more and giving fish oil to help the coat, and if you bathe often then QUIT. All this things will help reduce shedding, but as Sam said, embrace the hair, as long as you have a corgi its never going to go away. Its like buying a Great Dane and saying  you don't want a big dog.




You have a corgi! Corgis shed! Don't punish him for that!

What has helped me tremendously is a Dyson Animal vacuum. Invest in a great vacuum specifically made to pick up animal hair and your home will have much less hair. As for clothes, of course you'll get alot of hair on you when you hold your pup, but it's nothing a good clothes sticker-roller can't take care of. Lastly, do the laundry on linens and towels often; the dryer sheet takes the hair right out when it's drying wet linens. 

I don't want anyone to think I would punish my puppy, I wouldn't be asking if I thought I was punishing him the first time. He absolutely loved it! Not one hair for months after. But as I can see it's not very good. So thanks for the comments :) 

It's okay Casee, no one was ever born with this knowledge, we all learn from one another :)

I have also heard amazing things about the Dyson animal hair vacuum. I can't afford one yet (and luckily have hardwood or tile in the majority of the house, so I can hold out) but I WANT ONE!


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