Molly had  been out laying on the cement, enjoying herself. I let her in when she asked and she went right to the bedroom and laid down. When I called her for food she didn't come. I figured I was nuts and just hadn't let her in when I thought I did. I finally found her half under the bed. I talked to her and rubbed her tummy for about 15-20 minutes before she'd come out. A couple things were strange she didn't roll over on her back to have her tummy rubbed and her nose is really warm. She didn't even eat all her food.Right now we are between vets (our appointment is for Friday with the new vet,) Suggestions? 

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you can take her temp, normal temp is between 101-102ish. If she has an elevated temp, take her in to the new vet early. Also, if you have an appt. for Friday, they usually will go ahead and move you up if she isn't feeling good. If she isn't eating tomorrow I'd call and get her in ASAP.
Thanks Melissa
If a corgi misses a meal at my house I go to the vet as soon as possible....
If Waffle misses a meal here, I just let him get hungry enough until he eats his real food (sometimes days).  If you know she hasn't eaten anything weird and her temp is normal, I wouldn't worry about it.  Maybe she got very hot sitting outside?  Waffle gets picky sometimes and holds out for better food.  That probably isn't the case here, though.  Definitely take her temp if you can.  When she poops, note its consistency.  Will she eat cookies?  If she won't eat ANYTHING, that's a huge red flag.

My parents have always had dogs who would routinely skip a meal and it's no big deal.  However, I'm with Bev as far as my current two go:  if they aren't inhaling their food, I'd be on the phone with the vet.  Mine even want to eat if they just threw up, like, 10 seconds ago.   When we brought Maddie home from her spay surgery, she was very groggy and sore.  She did not want to stand and did not want to walk, but she wanted to eat!  And did eat, lying down in her crate.


So it depends on your dog.  For some dogs, skipping a meal is nothing.  For other's, it's a big warning sign that something is wrong.


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