ok, this is a tricky situation. i started a job and was suppose to get paid on the 5th and 20th, well something happened so i haven't been paid, well the dogs ran out of food completely for about four days until today, so they have been eating chicken, rice, and veggies. i absolutly refused to buy cheap garbage from walmart for them. so they seemed fine, a little runny poo but not all the time, so to get them use to kibble again are neighbor gave us a little bit of wellness for them, so i gave that to them for dinner last night.....

what a lovely surprise this morn, the smell was so bad that it woke me and my hubby up from a dead sleep, i see my poor teddy covered in poo and vomit, he thought he was in trouble and began to shake, i let him outside and he well....u can guess, for about ten mins.  the food wasnt even hardly digested but i think that because he just swallows his food, he never chews!  my hubby thinks  this happened because i feed them breakfast, a big snack then kibble for dinner, which they r not use to

it seems that teddy throws up alot since he just inhales his food and doesn't swallow. should i not feed him or have him fast for a whole day? any advice would be appreciated:)

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better than loose! You can keep giving it till it's gone...only 1 TBSP a day!
thank you for the info, someone told me to give him 2TBSP so that maybe why. i am happy to report that he has solid poo now! yay! lol its weird that a solid poo can make a corgi mommy happy lol
Hi! Im sorry to hear that your pup has not been feeling well. I hope he is on the mend. My Corgi Shirley tends to gobble her food too so I got her a Tug-A-Jug. It makes it impossible for her to gobble her food and it keeps her busy trying to figure out how to get the kibble out of the jug. I fill it with her designated amount of kibble either all at once or half twice a day. It has worked wonders and she seems to enjoy the challenge. If you decide to get one I like the one with the rubber stopper as shown in this link instead of the rope stopper that others have. Only because my dogs destroy the rope right away. I hope this helps. Good luck!
o wow, i have heard of this but cant find it in my local pet stores. i think he will like this and hopefully have him chew his food. thank u so much for the link:)
I hope your baby is starting to feel better but if not, maybe you should put him on the bland diet where you boil burger, then put that in with rice and chicken stock for a week or so to make sure it's not the food. It actually makes a pretty big batch and then see what happens. If he's still sick, then call the vet. Some times they will even just give you advice on the phone, otherwise you may need an appointment or they might ask for a stool sample to do some tests on it.
thank you for concern about my fur baby:) lol he is feeling much better. no more runs and is playing like he was never sick. i think the canned pumpkin did the trick lol i did have an appointment set up for him but i told the vet what was going on and she said that he would get better and it wasnt necessary to come in, un less he showed signs of him getting worse. im so glad that he is feeling better! i was a worried mommy haha!
I know whenever my boxer growing up had stomach/pooping problems, we would feed him plain hamburger and rice to bind him.. and then gradually transition back to regular food. like do a combo of the hamburger/rice with some dry dog food and just keep increasing the amount of dog food in it while decreasing hte amount of rice and hamburger. If your dog eats too fast, you could try giving him half of his food at a time and letting him eat that and chill out for a few minutes before giving him the other half. What do you mean by a "big snack" in the middle of the day? like is the snack dog food as well? Usually with Howie, I feed him a doggie breath mint and milkbone treat in the a.m. and feed him his dog food. He just eats a little of his dog food if any in the a.m. then he grazes and finishes his food by the middle of hte day and I give him another serving of dog food in the evening. I would say I give him 3-4 milkbone treats during the day though.

another thing to consider- the corgi mix I used to have would throw up his food if he was upset with me for leaving him (he had separation anxiety, bad!) and the vet said it was ok to give him 10 mg of pepcid a.c. (i buy the generic) in a little piece of cheese twice a day for a few days to get his tummy back under control.
thank u for your concern and advice:)he doesn't seem to anxiety problems, when he was very young we would put him in his kennel and he never cried or whimpered at all. he is all better now with no problems. sorry to confuse u by the snack thing, usually i give him just little milk bones or something to chew on, that day i gave him his usual breakfast, then at 3 i gave him a bowl of chicken which he isn't use to a 3rd meal and then i gave him his dinner at 7. he seemed a little thin so that's why i gave him the snack. they only had to eat the chicken, rice, and veggies for 4days. and like i said i only had problems when i got them on the kibble again. i was going to take him to the vet but my vet said that his tummy would settle down and no need to come. im glad i had canned pumpkin in the house! lol he loved it and it helped his poor little tummy. hes all better now:)


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