OMG... I have a chance to get a 7 month old female pem, tri with a red and white face, from the breeder I have been most interested in. She was one kept for show that didn't pan out. She sounds perfect. My cons are I have been saving for the purchase price. A friend offered to loan me the rest of what I need. I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that. I don't have a fence yet, and the ground is frozen. I teach and work for the afterschool program twice a week. A teenager in the neighborhood can do potty breaks those days. Then there is Mokey. I assumed it would be easier to introduce a younger puppy to the cat.

If I wait until summer vacation, it will be July before I can get a pup at 10-12 weeks, if not August. School starts the last week of August. My fence will be up. The money will be saved. I will have to potty train...I just am so torn about what to do. Right now I want to go at least meet the 7 month old. I'm guessing my heart will overtake my rational side at that point.

Any advice?

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...I do not laugh at your situation....but kinda know how this is going to turn out when you see that 7 month old baby! Prepare for  cute overload!!!!  Hey he or she might be potty trained already, I can not image that at 7 months they would not already be on the way with that.  Also remember that you will not have all of those early vacinations and such to contend with, and surely there has been some early "training" going on....Yeah I'm enabling....ignore me!!!  ^,,^

Personally I would at least go and see it. I think if it is already 7 months old it should be at least mostly potty trained and if the temperment is perfect i guess i think you should go for it. I know im also encouraging it! sorry! haha but i think you have a lot figured out and you can still teach a 7 month old puppy to ignore the cat so if that is a main factor then i think that will be fine and nothing to worry about!

probably not the best site to have people talk you out of this decision lol! I say go for it if you can afford to get her. But being the voice of reason, if you have to borrow money to buy her, will you have money for possible emergency situations? Can you afford to pay a vet bill if she gets sick or injured? This is a very important thing to consider. People tend to forget the whole vet aspect. Franklin has cost me over $7000 in emergency/non-routine vet bills since I got him 3 years ago......just something to think about and consider when making your decision.

That is one of the items one the con list. Kramer's vet bills in December and January wiped out my "slush" fund. The credit card is always available for emergencies and my local vet will let some people pay over a month or two.

The last time I went to the Vet  I thought they were telling me what time it was! (true fact)  You're not supposed to keep track of the expenditures then you would never take the plunge.  Melissa does have a valid point though, at the very least make sure you have enough on a credit card to cover emergencies.  

I recently went through very similar situation with Milo. He was a 7 month old that didn't pan out for show. I too, wanted to wait a few months because my 14yr old corgi just passed away. But Milo came available from the breeder I'd been talking to and I went to see him. Done deal.....and it's the best decision I could have made. At 7 months he was mostly potty trained, got used to the cat and I never looked back. I would say that you'll want to be able to spend as much time possible w/her to do training and bond; and it sounds unlikely if you wait til August when you go back to work. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and this opportunity has presented itself to you. True though on the vet bills - you just never know - and you'll want to get her spayed. I say go with your heart. Having a corgi is the best thing in the world. Good luck in your decision. Needless to say you've got a lot of support at

You never stated the asking price.  If the corgi is not show quility, then there should not be a large price tag.  If need be, the breeder might put a limited reg. on the pup and ask for it to be spayed as a part of the sale.  Remember you are getting a pet not a show dog.

The asking price is $1500, the same as a 12wk pup. I want a pet and obedience prospect. She would be spayed as soon as she is settled in. The prices in New England are on the high side. I had decided I wanted a pup form a breeder who did all health clearances and have researched several. $1500 is not the highest by far.

I do want to state that while I was in the market for a puppy, the most reputable breeders charged around $1000, and I had several adult dogs that the breeders were placing who wanted $1000 also. I personally wouldn't pay $1500 for a puppy, but that's just me. I was offered my DREAM dog (a red-headed tri fluffy from my absolute favorite breeder, 4 months old) but he wanted $1000 and even though I had a friend offer to lend  me the money, I wasn't comfortable with that and just couldn't justify that price at this point in my life. I waited, and ended up with a VERY cute 7-8 month old tri from a shelter, so sometimes NOT taking that perfect dog turns out to be a better decision. 

Ohh, tough one.

I got my Twixter before I was ready to-but he only cost me $50 from a girl on Craigslist, so I REALLY couldn't pass up the opportunity. If you really want the pup.. I'd say go for it-but make sure that you have a way for vet bills, as mentioned.

Also, see if you can take the cat with you to go meet her.  See if she is cool with it or if she is intently focused on chasing.  Scout was grown up when I got her (5 yrs or so) and I had a cat already.   There were absolutely no issues.  The two play like they're both dogs.

I've never had a cat, but wouldn't an older pup be easier than a younger one as far as being calmer and have more self control? Is it possible the breeder would let you make payments? Based on what I've seen on this site, getting a puppy when you want one is pretty darn hard. A pup in the hand is worth two in the oven? (bun in the oven). I could NEVER go look and then walk away.


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