Can you spend too much time training your dog?  I have Foxy (she's 4 1/2 months old) in the intermediate class at Petsmart on Fridays, we have already completed the puppy class.  I also am starting her in a puppy agility class with strictly no jumping since that isn't allowed, mostly the groundwork from what I can gather on Saturdays.  Is that too much?  I don't spend tons of time training at home maybe 10 minutes a night and not every night. The classes really tire her out which I like for her and me lol.  She seems happy and excited to go to class and performs well when we are there.  I just really want a well behaved dog, but I want to make sure I'm not going to bore her either.  Thanks.

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If the classes are fun with lots of breaks, that's fine. But watch for any stress signals (yawning, licking her nose/tongue flicks, sniffing the ground, looking away from you). If you see any, back off.

The hour long class structure of most classes can be a lot for some dogs, especially if there are not real breaks where the dog is allowed to relax and play and not pay attention to you.

Beth, you are so right.  Sometimes during our class at Petsmart I can tell she's getting bored after about 1/2 hr so we take a break and just stroll around the store. 

As long as she looks forward to the classes and responds well to training go for it!  If you were spending tons of time at home every night I would say be careful that you don't frustrate the dog.   That does not sound like the case.  Corgi's are very smart dogs and need physical and mental challenges to be happy and healthy.  by six months my giz was herding ducks and starting on sheep - learning hand signals and commands.  As long as the dog is engaged and successful more often than not build that bond and have fun.  Reluctance ...daydreaming...head down nose licking all indicate frustration and stress.  If you don't see these things a lot then you are probably fine.

Since you are both enjoying it, great! I have had dogs that love any kind of training and it is a wonderful activity. My current corgi, Izzy, really hates training...she prefers sitting and watching as long as someone pets her. I had so much fun taking Sparty to obedience and agility classes. We went many times over his 13 years. Maybe my next corgi will enjoy it too. Meanwhile I will continue to pet Izzy :)

I wish I had taken all my dogs to as many as I did Sage...she is the most well behaved and not only were the classes good for her but for me as well. I say "go for it" also!

Becca and I have been taking classes since I got her a year ago. We took January off due to weather, but have had a once a week class consistently. Becca will tease to do her homework and loves the process. As long as you both enjoy it keep at it.

As long as you both are having fun then go for it.  I have trained mutts, Irish wolfhounds and corgis.  Some took to it like a duck to water, others forget it.  Nothing like walking at heel and getting yanked off you feet cause your 125+ lb wolfhound was bored and decided to lay down.

And always keep it fun and positive.  I saw too many dogs that looked like they were afraid they were going to be beaten.  I always wanted my dogs to come to me on recall with eagerness guiding those paws then one just plodding along because it was afraid.

Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement.  I guess we'll continue to carry on with the training as long as she keeps enjoying it!!!


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