So I haven't been on here awhile,but we just moved to a property with an acre of land .My Corey has never dug before but there are gophers here and he's started digging trying to get the gophers and its non stop.He's so obsessed we can pull him away get on to him and as soon as he's let go he's right Bk to it.Its never ending.WE ve tried getting rid of the gophers with no success.Ive tried putting his poop in the holes but he just goes to a different spot and starts digging.Any suggestions would be great.He's tore up all of our nice yard and grass:(

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You're not going to stop the dog, but you can try to get rid of the gophers.  They make spikes that you put in the ground and emit ultrasounds that will encourage the gophers to go elsewhere and will not disturb the dog. Hopefully they will find your yard unpleasant enough and move out, but I don't think there is any quick fix.... We are on 10 acres and there are pocket mice, who also live underground. Our corgi has dug some holes you could fall into... My husband has to be real careful when he's on the riding mower, but it's  too large an area for us to try to do anything about it.  With 1 acre you have a better chance.

thanks for the reply ,Yah I'm willing to try anything at this point : )

No advice,  I can't stop my corgi ' from chasing squirrels.  I had a doberman obsessed with catching moles and the holes she dug were huge.


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