My Bella has been having something of an obsessive licking problem for a while now. She will sit and lick a certain spot consistently until something distracts her out of it, such as me telling her to stop. She licks everything. The bed, chairs, the floor, the walls, blankets and pillows, ect.. Recently, she's not responding as well when I tell her to stop like she's ignoring me. I'll have to clap my hands loudly to get her attention and make her stop licking.

Why is she doing this and what can I do to help her stop? Has anybody else experienced something similar with their corgi?

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Almost all the information I have read regarding this subject indicates that, unless it is a medical disorder, she is probably bored. Does she have enough fun - new - interesting toys to play with? Does she get in a couple of good walks everyday? The only thing I could think of to correct the issue would be to put Bella on a leash in the house, and when she starts licking, give a tug on the leash and say "NO!" or "Stoplicking!" or whatever command you want to show her you are not pleased with that behavior. She'll figure it out.
Does she know "leave it"? That would be my suggestion as it works for many areas. Chris has some good suggestions about the walks/toys! Maybe she needs to be more challenged such as doggie bisquits/treats hidden in toys, kongs with peanut butter. You could also replace the item with a toy when she starts to lick.
Great suggestion Jane! I forgot all about "leave it" when I was writing that. I think that is my favorite corgi command ever. I used it on Frosty so often when our chickens were chicks, that now that they are adults, he acts like they are invisible and he can't see them. I tried to get him to help me herd them into the coop the other day, and he just looked at me like I was trying to trick him. His had this face like "mom, you know I don't see those chickens" lol! I also use it all the time when he messes with the cats or tries to play with something that is not his. I think it would work great for the licking problem.
I had a corgi who did that. She didn't like toys, but she loved food, so I did precisely what's been suggested: I gave her a kong with frozen peanut butter in it. A bully stick or a raw marrow bone work well too, or one of the treat balls with doggie biscuits in them. I'd break them up so she could get a reward fairly often. I've been thinking about getting one of the dog puzzles with treats for Rufus who doesn't lick, but could use more to do when I'm not around. Has anyone had any experience with them?
I had a problem with my male licking my toes. When they go for a lick tell them "NO" or "leave it" if that alone doesn't work than try using something like Bitter Apple or Bitter Yuk then they taste the discusting taste and the command and the repelent taste will connect together untill, then you can stop using the stuff but just use command. When they listen and stop give them something that they are allowed to lick. SO basicly saying no licking that, instead lick this it tasts really good. I start by command and then showing what they can lick.

My sister used it to get her dog to stop jumping up when she was excited when someone walked into the house. She would use the off command, then get the dog to sit then give her, her bone to chew. Now everything she gets excited she goes and grabs her bone and sits near what is exciting her and chews on her bone all excitedly untill the excitiment has warn of and she is calm, rather than jumping. In your case lets say she is bored. then when she is bored she will learn don't lick on such and such.... lick your toy, your kong, your bone ....
My dog has done a similar thing for years now. She tends to lick her front paws mostly but has also licked her dog bed or pillows on the ground. I think it has to do with boredom as well. I used to give her cow knuckle bones to chew which ended up ruining her teeth-if I had known! So now she has no chew toys when she used to have one all the time. So I think she replaced one behavior for another. I usually have to give her a bump to get her to stop, otherwise she'll ignore me.
Both ours start out licking their paws then go to the carpet! As Sonny does not play or otherwise engage much it has been a challenge. He is overweight but hates to chew, so a kong is out. "leave it" has become my favorite two words! Lucky stops to "leave it" also, but loves to sit and play with a toy as he is able.

I thought we were the only ones licking everything!


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