My boyfriend & I got Remy on September 30th so we've had him for a little bit now. However, recently my boyfriend has been breaking out in rashes like crazy whenever Remy comes around. He's NEVER gotten a reaction like that before when being around him so I'm not sure if it's because of Remy's heavy shedding at this time of year or what. ): Has anyone else had this problem before? I was thinking about buying him Zyrtec because he's been taking Benedryl for the past four days now & it doesn't seem to help at all. Thanks to anyone for their advice. (:

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Well, first things first. Has your b/f broken out in rashes ever since you got Remy? Or is it something recent? If it's ongoing, you might want to have the b/f checked for allergies. With medication and good grooming habits, it can be helped. If it's something new, think about if you've changed anything recently? Food? Shampoo? etc.
Well he's never broken out in a rash like this before until recently & we groom him quite often. We went to the doctor to see if it was the antibiotics he was recently on for staph & even when he had stopped taking it for awhile, the rash was still there.

We did a little test yesterday to see if it was Remy. My boyfriend stayed in the room while Remy stayed out in the living room away from him for about three hours or so. His rash almost completely cleared up but when I let Remy near him, he started getting a rash not even 5 minutes later. ):
That's a really good idea! (The humdifier thing.) He's never taken Claritin before so maybe I'll buy that instead of Zyrtec. He's never been allergic to any dogs but he also hasn't been around one that sheds as much as Remy does this time of the year. :p
Have you been using Frontline or Advantage on Remy recently? Maybe that's what your boyfriend is allergic to. A new shampoo on the dog? Like someone else said, it's wintertime, they both are more indoors probably and you are just now realizing that you boyfriend is allergic to dogs. Has he ever had a dog before?
He's had two other dogs before & they were Shih Tzus. We haven't put him on anything like Frontline so I don't believe that's it. It probably does have to do with his winter coat & whatnot.


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