I'd love to hear any advice on dealing with my suddenly very furry home! I bought a roomba and that is managing the floor, we've been Furminating which is helping, and I bought deshedding shampoo.. anything else we can do??

Yipes! I am about to add corgi pup #2 (in a week!) and I'm just a little bit terrified of the amount of fur that will be around this time next year!

thanks in advance!!

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I hate to tell you this but they don't necessarily blow their coats at the same time. My daughter has huskys and says a de-shedding groom at Petsmart helps a lot. I just keep on combing after a bath (loosens it up) for a couple days and that seems to hurry it along some. A blow dry with a doggy dryer would probably help but I do not have one. A human dryer will be too hot. Learn to embrace the hair..Lol

yipes, that's what I hear! Honestly, it hasn't been as bad as some of the tufts I've seen people pull off of their corgis..! I was thinking about the Petsmart deshedding groom actually.. thanks -- I will look into it!


I knew I was getting a hairy breed and I'm ok with that, just want to decrease as much as I reasonably can! I think Ollie's off the bed for a little bit though.. it's too warm for a fur blanket on top of my down comforter! hehe

Yup, embrace the hair!

I agree-- learn to laugh at the hair!   One very good breed-selection book I read suggested visiting homes of heavily shedding breeds before getting one, because people frequently think they'll be ok with the hair until they actually, you know, see it all!  LOL    I grew up with shedding dogs and frankly was stunned by the amount of hair my two lose.  


Good luck with the new puppy!  And it's true:  they may very well not shed at the same time.  

well, I think we've made it through the worst of the furstorm! He seems to be back to the normal shedding (which for me isn't bad at all to deal with) after 4-5 days of fur going in all directions.. my poor Roomba (which I now consider an additional family member, and have named Ginny) has been working extra rounds.. but my floors are clean! I furminated him really well 2x (1x on 2 days) plus he got a (furminator brand) deshedding shampoo bath and between the 2, I think we're good til the next round!


My godmom, who was a breeder for 30 years and used to show dogs, gave me the suggestion of using a few teaspoons of fabric softener (obviously only if your dog is not allergy prone and you feel 100% comfortable doing so) on his coat after shampooing and then waiting a few minutes before rinsing it all off.. Ollie smells AMAZING, is super duper soft and shiny, and perhaps it helped with the shed? 


now to tackle getting him used to the dremel... yipes! wish us luck! :)

Furget the furminator and the roomba. Go over to the Dark Side. Embrace the power of the fur. It is part of your environment. Wear black spandex lycra when you comb your dog. Don't worry. Be happy. Breathe deep, grasshopper.

I work in a Biosafety Level 2 tissue culture lab in a biosafety cabinet -- a sterile environment with air filtered to 0.2 micrometers, which filters out viruses -- I can leave Petri dishes open in here all day, and they don't get contaminated -- and what did I see one time on the cap of my ultrasterile tissue culture medium bottle? Undeniably, a Pembroke Welsh corgi hair.

Give up. Get used to it.
hahahahahahaha!!!! you are crazy John...
That is an interesting tip about the fabric softener! I also use the Furminator de-shedding shampoo. I absolutely love their de-shedding conditioner. When I use it on Baxter, I get so much fur off of him before rinsing!

With Our 2 corgis in the house,one the closest to a fluff without being one,makes Me sound like a commercial.I still love the furminator but after getting the new pet hair attachment for the Dyson ,that's my new favorite!!Of course the vacuum is very noisy,but the hose is long enough to stick in a room adjacent to the pups,so I can use the new brush/suck up attachment.

Each corgi right now gives Me an entire cannister full of hair each brush,which I try to do at least once a week.Regular brushing id every couple of days.

What is the attachment? I've been thinking of getting a dyson myself!


Hardwood Floors and Leather Furniture...........the only thing that keeps me sane.  They both vacuum easily.

We are a two corgi family.........every time we furminate it looks like 20 cats fought to the death in our yard.

We agree!Leather and hardwood,yay!!



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