One 4 year old female corgi, interested in corgi puppy addition


We currently have a 4 year old female corgi whom was raised since puppyhood.  When we brought her home, she came in to a 10 year old border collie/husky mix and tortured him (he was depressed, she always nipped at his ankles, sleeping more than normal) After 6 months, my dad's dog passed and we all agreed it's best for everyone to allow my dad to take the older dog.  We have always wanted 2 corgis but are afraid of "only child syndrome" and that she will kick another dog into depression--but hoping maybe 2 corgis would mix better?  Or because she is now the older dog and already established dominance?... or would the other one do it to her and make her depressed?  Does anyone have any advice or experience in this area??



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We have 3 corgis, all from the same breeder and all adults when we got them. Because she knows her dogs she knew who would fit into our pack. The important thing is to make sure that energy levels are compatible.  If you have an assertive dog now you will want to look for one with a slightly lower energy level or the other way around or 2 lower energy dogs.  2 high energy or alpha dogs could compete with each other which could cause problems.

We just got Brady 3 weeks ago and he fit in seamlessly with the other 2 who have been together 7 years.

Good luck and if you get one we need to see pictures!

Thank you, that makes me feel better, I would hate to make either uncomfortable. We loved our first breeder and that's a great idea to talk to her about a fit! I'll let you know how it goes, but most likely won't be for a good 6-12 months :)

I wish you the best of luck in finding the right corgi.  Does your dog go to dog parks or socialize with other dogs?  If not now would be a good time to start doing that before the new one joins your family.


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