They're short enough that they can't reach the food on the counter and they're heavy enough they can't jump on the counter to get it!

Why do you love Corgis?

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That is just not fair! Frosty doesn't always smell nice, he smells like stinky dog, especially when its been raining!
Yours smell nice! Mine roll in everything!!
Mine manage to make it only a few days after a bath without smelling like something dead.

Plus, Jack has very strong scent glands on his feet. He can get pretty rank. Tee-hee, I've learned to like the smell.
I have always wondered if I got lucky or if all corgi's smelled good. I don't get it. Copper can go to my mom's house and play with her shepherd puppy, Falco, all day (getting Falco-fied= slobbered up and mouthed by falco) and have slobber on him and as soon as I wipe it off, he is good to go! It's crazy!
I have wanted a corgi since I was in middle school. I fell in love with their personality and their appearance, but up until now they have been impossible to find.

Buddy has been an incredible companion. He has enough personality for two dogs and is too smart for his own good. They can be terribly frustrating, but I love them for it.I love that any time I take Buddy out, people flock to him. I love that any time I see a car with a corgi sticker on it I get so excited and just want to tell them "i have one too!!"

I tell Kevin that owning a corgi is like joining a secret society, because only corgi owners understand the true love of the breed.

I never knew how many other people felt the same way I did until I found

I have had many other dogs in my life, but there is definitely a profound connection, love and relationship I have with corgis now that I have Buddy.
I'm the same way about wanting to tell people I HAVE ONE, TOO!!! I get excited if anyone even knows what they are because they are impossible to find or see around me, also.
I love my corgi because he always puts a smile on my face. He cracks me up with the various things he does and I love the fact that he loves me to death. I was gone on a business grip last week and when my husband and Noodles came to pick me up at the airport, Noodles practically jumped out the window trying to get to me. Once I made it in the car, Noods gave me kisses all over my face with his little bunny butt shaking the whole time. That is why I love him...
speaking of bunny butt,

when we brought Rio home for the first time she was 7 months old and we put her in the fenced back yard to play with the other dogs. there was a construction worker of some kind inside my house and he looked out the window and yelled, " THATS THE BIGGEST DARN RABBIT I'VE EVER SEEN!" In his defense, Rio does run/hop like bunny.

it was pretty awesome.
I love that they have HUGE personalities! I have never met dogs with such character. I love that they are so intelligent and push their limits all the time, even to make me mad sometimes... :)
They are smart, engaging, funny, control freaks! I love their herding games (Porter enjoys herding the cats so he can pin them and lick their ears). I think every Corgi deems one human behavior forbidden in his house - mine won't let us whistle to our pet bird. If he even hears whistling on T.V. he comes over, stands on his back legs and stares you down "go ahead, try and whistle back..."
And I thought I was the only one that wasn't allowed to blow my nose or talk in a different voice lol
Well, I've had my corgi for a whole 11 hours, but I can already see she's super quirky. SHE IS SO CUDDLY. I can't get over that. So far she's taken two cat naps right next to me. She also freaked out while we were eating dinner. She tried everything to hop up on the couch to snatch our pizza. Luckily the couch is just barely to tall for her to jump on. And as far as the stink thing goes, I'm pretty sure she hadn't had a bath in months until today. Didn't smell as nasty as my mom's golden retriever does after 1 day without a bath. That's good to me.


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