Title kind of says it all.  I'm knew to the world of dog ownership and Corgi's.  It's been almost six months since I brought little Kallie into my life and I've never been happier.  She makes m smile, laugh, get out more and meet new people.  I can't think of a day without her and miss her when I go to work and smile when I see her pouty face for leaving her alone for eight hours.  To say the least I'm hooked on Corgi's.


My quest however is this.  I've been considering a little friend for my little Corgi Kallie.  I was thinking of getting a Tri Color Male (I heard getting two female might be bad) but I wanted to know long time dog owners opinions.  What are the pro's and cons', I love Kallie and don't want her attitude to change but she is so outgoing I think she'd love a furry friend to play with.  She loves all dogs and never seems to have trouble getting a long.  So I just want to know what people think, if they think my Kallie might be happier or not.


Any and all opinions welcome however I'm more interest in behavioral or you know happiness levels of the dog.  I'm not really worried about the money or extra work involved.  Anyways thanks in advance.

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Hi Kevin, you may check the faq.

How old is Kallie? I have multiple dogs and they all  are about 15-18  months apart. I would NOT suggest till Kallie is a bit older because you want 1 fully trained before adding a second. Then I would say "go for it"!!!!!!!  As for the sex of the dog.. 2 .females may be a bit more difficult but spaying does help...IMO. I can't imagine life with  only 1:)

So Kallie was born in August 22, 2012 and will be six months in a week.  So the reason I'm trying to get opinions is the breeder I got Kallie, who is real nice and Kallie is great puppy, is having another litter in March.  Now it also hinges on whether she has a Tri Male as that's what I really want but I wasn't sure if that would be too soon.  Kallie would be almost a year old when the puppies were old enough to be brought home.  They are born March 8th and I would not get her until she is at least eight weeks old which would put it in early to mid May.  I guess what I should ask is do you all think that is to early?


Kallie is very well adjusted and loves almost every dog she's met.  That doesn't mean her temperament might not change if she has to vie for my attention with another puppy in the house.  She is doing great on potty training, one accident in almost three months since the last one.  She is in training class and doing real well all things considered but I don't want to hurt her either.  Thanks again for the help, I'm new to the dog world.  :)

I personally would wait until Kallie is a year old to begin to look for another dog. Really, she'll still be just a baby at that point, barely starting adolescence, and you'll have a better idea of her personality, her likes and dislikes, and possible problem areas (no dog is perfect!). I got my Border Collie roughly five months after my first dog, a Cardigan, turned one year old. And I do not regret waiting until that age to begin looking for a second addition! Ace is still very much a work-in-progress and he does require just as much training as before, and now I have another dog who also needs it! So I can't imagine dealing with two needy puppies at the same time. :-)

In my opinion, don't rush into getting a second puppy just because your breeder is having another litter. There will always be opportunities, dogs do not follow a "seasonal" schedule for births and there's newborns year-round. Plenty of time to take it easy, let Kallie blossom a bit and see where she leads you!

Especially as a new dog owner it's important for you and Kallie to go through more of the stages of her development together before adding another puppy.  Spend as much time with her as possible doing activities that foster cooperation and mutual understanding, going for walks, taking her in the car, taking her to places where she is on leash and has to behave, going to formal obedience classes and anything you can think of where she can safely be incorporated into your lifestyle.  I  would add a second dog after she is at least 18 onths old, so maybe the litter your breeder plans after the one you mention.  Also, you may find the personality you want in a tri colored puppy, but keep in mind that the personality is more important than the color.  Opposite sex is usually a good bet.

The first dog will bond with you in a different way than the second one because, being the only one, her world will revolve around you.  Not so with the second dog that, as a puppy, will certainly find Kallie more attractive and fun than you.  The second pup will learn much by observing Kallie's interaction with you and her environment and having her solid in her training and behavior will help all involved.  Enjoy her puppyhood and let her be in the limelight a little longer.

I definitely agree with the suggestion of waiting until Kallie is older.  I brought home Yuki in December of 2008 when he was 4 months old.  My family had owned a dog during my teenage years so I wasn't completely new to dog ownership, but he was my first "solo" dog.  I am very glad I waited until he was an adult before bringing Ellie home in 2011.  I knew Yuki's personality, had learned how to train a dog, and truly knew that I could handle having a second dog to care for.  You also have to remember that having two dogs means twice (or even three times) the cost of having just the one.  

I'll echo the suggestion of waiting until she's at least around a year old to get another puppy. Older puppies will often regress in behavior when a new pup is added, so you want her to really be a well adjusted adult before adding a new family member. Also her personality may differ somewhat once she's matured.


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