We have a very friendly corgi, and we are looking to meet up with other corgis! Let us know if anyone is interested =]

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Hi Cassidy!
If you are willing to make the drive, we have a thriving meet-up community here in San Diego. You are welcome to join a meet -up anytime!

In addition to the big monthly meet-ups, we try to schedule a North County meet-up monthly as well. These would be a bit closer for you. Here is a link to our meet-up page:
Wow, that is awesome, we will try to come down for the meet up on the 28th! and i signed up on the meetup website to hear about them when you guys do =] .. and hopefully you'll have one more up north soon =] { we aren't too far... south oc}
WE JUST had one, but we will have another in March. It will be great to meet you.

Oh, the BIG meet-ups will have upwards of 50 corgis. You will LOVE it!
oh really? the website says the next one is feb 28th, which is next saturday ..
I'm sorry, I meant we just had a smaller North County meetup, and will have one of those again in march.

Yes, the big county-wide one is on the 28th. Not sure yet if I am going to that one.

Sorry for the confusion!
hahah, its no problem! well im going to try to go the 28th one and hopefully the north county one in mrach then! thanks though for tellling me about corgi meetups !
You posted a year and half ago, but if you're still in the area, I live in Laguna Niguel and would love to have a corgi playdate with you!


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