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Just wanted to get other Corgi owner's opinion with respect to including a joint care powder supplement in a young pup.    The Vet recommends it to help him with recovery after long excersises, hiking, joint stiffness, etc.  The Nutraceutical Green Lipped Mussel ingredient has benefits described as : 

The breeder is usually such practice at a later part in their life cycle, but never heard as a preventative measures from year 1.    What's your take on it???



Green Lipped Mussel Powder is used in marine feed applications equine, canine and feline formulations as a feed stimulant, anti-inflammatory and as an exercise recovery supplement.

Owners of professional race horses, companion pets, aquarium and aqua- culture professionals from around the world are witnessing the results from the inclusion of Green Lipped Mussel Powder in all aspects of feeds, treats, supplements, attractants and baits improving taste profiles and delivering proven health benefits.

Animal and pet nutritional benefits include:
  • natural anti-inflammatory
  • rich source of Omega Fatty Acids and minerals
  • pain reduction
  • reduces stiffness in joints
  • helps to maintain and sustain joints experiencing high physical burdens
  • feed stimulant for sick or elderly animals

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I can't really answer those question but what you posted sounds like it came straight from their website.  Try googling for product reviews.  Read any you find, discuss them with your vet especially any bad ones.  Recently I was stunned to find that a flea/tick preventive called Certifect (made by the same company as Frontline) was responsible for the deaths of a number of dogs and even more severe reactions.  A friend's dog had a severe reaction to it...but she never checked the reviews on it. Even tho it was given by a vet she would have never used it if she had checked reviews first.  It is still on the market.  

Granted no one product is going to please everyone but you can get a pretty good idea by reading the reviews and at least feel that you are making a somewhat informed decision.


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