So, I have a rescue corgi, her name is Georgie. There isn't a human she didn't like - grown ups, kids...everyone she's a lover. But then there are other dogs. When we go on our walks I can feel her tense and start to growl if another dog walks the vet today a big dog came over and started to sniff her and she snapped at him. Tonight she met an IG (mini greyhound) and snapped and yelped at him 3 times. It seems that Georgie doesn't not like other dogs and I am clueless on what to do. The shelter said that she came in with a beagle dog and they were best buds, but now it seems like every dog is her worse nightmare. I am really heartbroken about this, because being a new dog owner I don't know what to do and also I want to be able to bring her to corgi meet up groups and the dog park. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Than you for your advice.

Upset Rebecca and Scared Georgie.

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Hi Rebecca! Congratulations on your new Corgi!

It sounds like your Georgia is just feeling a little insecure. How long have you had her? If you just got her recently, then she is probably still unsure of her place with you and that would increase her insecurity. Personally, I would work on her a lot near home just getting used to you and the neighborhood and your routine, and wait a couple weeks to start introducing her to new dogs.

Training classes would be great. I know a PetCo trainer and was just talking to her and they run free seminars on certain days where you can bring in your dog and just quietly be around other dogs. You might want to see if there is one near you with a similar program.

My female can be a little snarky around other dogs on-leash too. She was not a rescue, she was a show dog before we got her and very well socialized but I think in her past life she did not stop on-leash and do meet-and-greets. Many dogs do not do that, as not all dog owners like to take their dogs out and stop and socialize with others on-leash, and some intentionally avoid it. So it might just take her some time.

If you can't do classes, if there is a big-box petstore (such as PetSmart) near you, you can take her there on leash and just walk her around and ignore the other dogs for awhile. Get her used to the idea of being near them. Then if there are some steady dogs you know who won't over-react to a little yapping/snapping, you can gradually introduce her to them one at a time, and you may find that as she gets to know them, her behavior improves. Some dogs are better off-leash, so if you know someone with a dog-friendly, relatively calm dog and a fenced back yard, you might try that setting instead of leashed greetings to see if she relaxes after awhile.

But as I said, if you just got her I would wait a couple weeks and build some trust with her first. Teach her some simple commands like "sit" and play with her and bond with her. Don't get too upset! Many rescues come with at least a little baggage.

In my experience, too, there are some females who just don't tolerate having their back-ends sniffed. Some females seem to prefer stopping the greeting ritual at face-sniffing. My Madison is very protective of her girly parts with strange dogs.
Thank you so much. Yes, I think I am asking a lot of Geogrie right now...this is our 3rd day together. But I have never been around dogs that don't like dogs, so it has stressed me out too. I am sure she probably feels the stress coming off me too!

In my neighborhood I think just about everyone has a dog, so she sees at least 2 everytime we go on her walks. Normally she just ingores them, but if they start getting close or coming our way she gets tense. I am going to give her a few weeks to settle into her new life and if that doesn't work, it sounds like classes are the best way to go.

Thank you so much for your advice!
Hey there Georgie Girl and Rebecca,
How long have you had Georgie? It might be too soon to be hoping for a great relationship with other dogs! Do you have someone you know with a well behaved dog that you could stage a meet up. Does Georgie know how to sit so that you could stop, talk but keep the dogs in a sit talk and walk away and then do this again a few times maybe bringing the dogs a little closer but not nose to nose. It may take her some time to figure this out and then also if she makes friends with this dog maybe they can come over and play? Don't push her too fast! My dogs are very picky about other dogs and dogs are also great at picking up on their owners stress level so if you are feeling a slight bit unsure she may also know this! Give her sometime to adjust if you just got her. I sometime have avoided other dogs till mine are feeling more confident and mine seem to have a preference for smaller dogs. Good luck and I think you can work through this but it may take a little time! Georgie you are a beautiful looking dog! My dogs would much rather play with kids at the pet store too!
Thank you! :) There is a lot I have to learn! :) You are 100% right about the stress...I'm stressed, she's stressed...the way of life is new to us both! Time and training!
Thank you so much for responding.
We have a lab/dane who is the same way! When he's off leash (at a dog park) he's just great, but being on a leash seems to make him feel "trapped" and it stresses him out. I don't let him get near other dogs when he's on leash.

I'm thinking with patience and a good training program, Georgia will do great! Keep up the good work :)
We aquired our son's doberman last year when he went back to college and she is aggressive to other dogs while leashed. She is fine off leash and is even able to go to doggie day care. I started taking her to obedience classes recently and have seen a real improvement after just two classes. I think just walking with other dogs for a little bit removes the pressure of greeting. Cesar Millan uses it when trying to work with cases involving dog to dog aggression. If you can not do classes just ask a friendly neighbor to walk with you without having the greeting. After doing this a few times you could try letting them greet. An insecure dog will be unpredictable and you have a lot of things going on with her right now. She may settle down just fine a little while. Good luck.
Georgie met her first corgi today and did a good job. She only barked once at the other corgi, but it wasn't a mean growl bark. So maybe things are getting better or maybe she is a snob and only likes other corgis! ;) Ha! I am hoping the other dog issue gets better soon. I will keep you posted. Thank you everyone for yout thoughts and advice.
She may love people but unfortunately you do not know much about her history with other dogs...(that we here on the forum know of) she may have been like my Corgi, feral and having to fight with his siblings for food and shelter. Perhaps that Beagle was her alpha and stood up for her and she didn't have to worry about other dogs, or perhaps now that the beagle is gone she is trying to fill its shoes. Time for you to become the alpha. I am in total agreement with whoever recommended a little Cesar Milan or Victoria Stilwell in your DVD collection.

Put her into something that will make it easy for you to change direction and give a correction while she is on leash, whether it is a haltie, martingale, or my personal fave a properly fitted and used choke chain.

If you can 'feel' her tense up get her out of the situation, also note that dogs can read us and tell when we are tense, stressed out, upset, happy, tired, anything. So she may be tensing up because you are tensing up.

I also am in agreement with all of Beth's recommendations. One edit however, PetSmart is full of dogs that generally are "rude", IE: barking, scrambling on the linoleum, jumping, etc, so taking her there for some 'training' by walking her up and down the aisles I would wait a bit on that. Absolutely get her into an obedience class at a PS, I might hold off on walking her up and down the confined aisles of a store with unknown dogs for a bit. (Beth, if I misread your suggestion wrong I apologize)
I wanted to give you all an update on Georgie - 1st thank you for all the advice. Yesterday for Thanksgiving, we went over to a friends house. They have an IG named Nicky.

We worked with Georgie and Nicky for about an hour. And guess what??? They are now best buds! They played and played all afternoon. I am so happy! And I think Georgie is learning that other dogs are FUN not scarey! I am a happy corgi mommy!
All right! Do remember this will still take some time and that she may still be scared of some dogs in some situations but to be able to set things up like this for her to learn are great!!!! We're happy for you and Georgie!
Thank you...we see a lot of dogs on our walks, so hopefully she will just get better and better!
Great news Rebecca! Happy to hear that Georgie had a good time.


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