Just wanted to share a little story...

So Gilby turned one and a half years old a few weeks ago, and his herding instinct seemed to kick right in, like a light turned on in his head!  We spend a lot of time at the dog park every day, and Gilby always has the best time.  Ever since he turned one and a half, he has turned into a mega-herder!   He now spends all his time herding packs of dogs (and does an amazing job of it too!).  He always comes instantly if we call him, you can tell he is in full work mode!   He will herd groups of dogs into a small pack, and then stand there so proud...It's really been an amazing development to watch!

Has anyone been through this transformation with their corgi?  I wonder if his maturation into adulthood just kicked this into high gear!

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Sounds like you got a good one!  Camber only does it when she is super excited or more like she wants to go back into the house.


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