Now that it's getting to be springtime, we want to let our pup (7 months) run
outside but need some kind of fencing.  Besides installing a physical fence, our
the electronic fences like "invisible fence" comparable to a regular fence in terms of success and cost?

thanks, Belle really wants to run more!

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I'm glad you asked about invisible fences because I was thinking of asking myself! Our lot is hilly and crooked and virtually impossible to fence. I wouldn't leave my dogs outside unattended with an invisible fence (because other dogs can come right in, and if provoked enough they can "run through" the shock), but was considering the possibility for supervised playtime with the dogs. I'm interested in what others say. Sorry, I have no answers for you myself.
We have a few neighbors with invisible fences and they appear to work well. However, if the dog gets excited and runs through there is no incentive to come back because they will get another shock. That probably is only a problem when the fence is new. Another thing to remember is that the invisible fence does not keep animals or people out. That includes stray dogs or unsupervised children so that is one negative that has occurred to me. Our previous house had a huge yard that included a pond and we fenced part of the yard and still mowed the unfenced part. It gave us a manageable fenced area while still leaving a large play area that was not fenced.
One of my last years pups went to a hobby farm that has this and they swear by it! I will email her and get back to this. They have a doggie door into a garage and she uses this if they aren't home but also spends alot of time in the more when I hear back from her! I know it's spendy but for them they certainly think it's worth it!
I got a short email back and Megan said that her brand is Pet Safe and they carry it at Menards BUT they got their kit and collar on Ebay! She says she really likes the collar as it has 4 settings and audio only and then 3 settings. She was in a hurry so she said she's email me later! I am hoping she will give me more info as to why she likes it.

If you have any specific ?'s let me know and I will ask her.
Electronic fences won't keep other dogs or people out of your yard.
I'd consider those T-bar steel posts with the 4' steel mesh (rectangular holes maybe 2" x 4") -- green vinyl covered is nearly transparent visually. I kinda like the farmyard look. Gates are another matter. Easy to make a fence; a straight fence is another animal. Our dogs don't dig (not under the fence anyway). We've had it so easy.
I have the same fence as John but I live in the country and so mine don't have to be perfect but they really do work well for all my dogs who don't dig either! Actually our other fence with the real posts we did dig boards into the ground so they couldn't dig down...this was before the easy fence and could keep a small horse in it!
I've never been fond of invisible fence. Strong-willed dogs will go right through it without even blinking and even fence-trained dogs can be scared enough or prey-driven enough to run through it. For a well-fence-trained dog it seems to work about 95% of the time - i.e., 5% of the time it fails. So I'd never use it unless I was strictly supervising.
I work with someone whose Brittany has been on an invisible fence for years. I'll ask her about it if I get a chance.

One thing I did read is that if you get one, don't DIY. The installers will go over carefully how to set up the flags and train the dog.
I live in a subdivision that does not allow fences around the property. We had installed the DogWatch hidden fence system. I love it!! The transmitter is in the garage mounted on an ouside facing wall. Both my dogs wear a receiver set at different levels. If you move you can take the transmitter and receivers with you and you would just need to install a new boundary wire at your new place. Kids do come over and say hello and that has not been a problem. I do have one neighbor who installed there own "underground containment fence" that they purchased at home depot and I've seen that dog running around loose a couple of times. Having said that most of my neighbors have the "Invisible Fence" brand that were all professionaly installed and those dogs all stay within there boundary. The system that I purchased was just a little of 1000 big ones. :-D
Ok, as promised, I checked with the owner of the Brittany. He's a hunting dog and therefore has a high drive when he sees birds. She says he has never run through the fence, BUT they do need to use the highest settings; at lower settings if he's motivated enough he'll go through.

The collar emits a warning beep before any shocks if he gets too close to the fence, so the dog has fair warning to back off before getting shocked. They live in semi-rural area and love their electric fence. She says their neighbors are so impressed they are getting one too.

But again, because anything else can get in, I would personally only use one if I'm there (plus the dog needs to where the collar and I wouldn't want to leave my dogs unsupervised with a collar like that on).

Good luck with your decision, and now I have something to think about too!
If we were able to have a physical fence, we would definitely have one. The only downsides to a physical one are looks(which I don't have a problem with) and the possibility your dog is an escape artist. We had a corgi/American Eskimo mix who could slip through anything - including our wooden fence.

But alas,we too, are in a neighborhood/township that will not allow fences - which is pretty odd considering we also have frequent coyote warnings. We moved here when Minnie was almost two, and unsuccessfully put in a petsafe/do-it yourself electric fence. Minnie got zapped once, way to early in the process and spent 48 hours pooping in my dining room. She has spent the last 7 years on a dog trolley when she wants to be outside.:(

We decided to give it another go, now that we have Fergie. Some how I convinced my husband to have the system professionally installed. We are now on week two with our Invisible Dog Fence Brand, invisible fence. I think training is key, and that's pretty much what your paying for if you go professional. Jennifer our trainer, is very knowledgeable, and uses only positive reinforcement. Which I know some skeptics would raise eyebrows at this comment, as the whole concept of an electric shock to your dog seems rather violent. But, so would being hit by one of our neighborhood's many speeding cars or being thrown in the pound because another neighbor didn't want them straying in their yard. The good thing is that corgi's are pretty sharp, and I think as long as you take the slow and steady pace in training - you will have success. One of the biggest mistakes I made the first time around, is believing they could be trained instantly. A very very low correction is key, and baby steps. I am seeing small successes everyday. Today we extended our frisbee area to the side yard without coaxing Minnie at all. Fergie is quite excited about the whole arrangement, and has no problem staying in bounds so long as she gets first dibs on the mole problem that extends everywhere Minnie's tie out couldn't reach. When my kids play outside, the dogs can finally hang with them, without me worrying they are going to bolt. We've got great trees in our front yard, for shady spots in the summer, I am hoping my furry ones will utilize. I am looking forward to a more relaxing summer, without everyone risking decapitation from Minnie's dog trolley.

All of this said, I doubt I will feel secure in letting my dogs be solely contained by the invisible fence, without my supervision, for a long time. Fergie is just a pup, and left unattended, would most likely eat the entire swing set and/or dig straight through to Ohio. We also have a lot of dogs roaming into our yard, as Minnie is getting quite protective over Fergie, I wouldn't want a dog fight on my hands. And of course, never say never, I am sure there is someone or something that could tempt our dogs to run through, no matter how well they are trained on the fence. I would want to be within earshot to reclaim my dog/dogs immediately.

Hope this helps! Good luck in making your decision.
We've had our invisible fence for about 2 years I think and we love it. Gina is right, the training is the key and we paid extra for the Invisible Fence trainer to help us. I was very skeptical as Kirby LOVES to chase squirrels, birds, or whatever strays into "his" yard. I think since both dogs were fully "fence trained", Kirby has barged through once..Cricket never has. I totally trust it. And for those that feel it is cruel, other posters are's better for them to get a stiff shock than a bumper to the head. It absolutely makes them think twice before doing it again which is the whole point.


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