Okay, so I'm hoping some of you can sympathize with me here.
I have had Mira for 9 days. She is 10 weeks old as of last Friday.
I am CONVINCED that she is sick, or going to be sick, or hurting, or ... ANYTHING.

Example: Her first two days here she only pooped once a day. I automatically assumed intestinal blockage, and treated for it.
Ex #2: She threw up on her second day here. (To be expected! She was WAY overwhelmed!) I assumed she had parvo. No, not kidding.
Ex #3: We have a rockery in the back yard. I'm WAITING for her to decide she can leap from it, even though she clearly understands that it is too high. 
Ex #4: when she had her one HORRIBLE crying night, I decided she must be hurting. No, I didn't take her out of the kennel.

I am a vet technician. I've dealt with literally thousands of dogs and puppies.
How is it that I NOW turn into worry-crazy mom, even when this isn't my first dog?!

It's driving me up the wall, and my boyfriend too.

She's had her second round of shots, last Thursday. The vet did a full exam, including a fecal test, and she passed with flying colors. So why am I still freaking out?


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Hi Krissy,

Step 1 of the 12 Steps of Corgi Anonymous is "We admitted we were powerless over corgi - that our lives had become unmanageable" :)
Hmm. Maybe I should start preparing for the next 11 steps..? hehe Thanks!
Can't wait to see what the other 11 are!
I work as a vet tech assistant at a vet clinic and I ALWAYS think I am bringing diseases home to my babies! I leave my shoes outside and change and wash up once I get home before I'll even touch my dogs. About a week ago Laika started having diarrhea and a fever of 104.5 and I had been dealing with a parvo dog at work and I was SURE I had given my poor baby parvo. I rushed her into the clinic to have her parvo tested and everything. The test was negative and we ended up just giving her a lot of subq fluids and metronidazole and it finally cleared up. So please know you're not alone in the paranoia! And working in a clinic and seeing all this stuff all the time totally doesn't help.
I thought it *would* help, so that I'd know the signs if she really WAS sick. Instead, I'm seeing the signs of her being a PUPPY lol.
It sounds like you might be putting your stresses on your dog,Both things you mentioned are normal.Relax and enjoy her .Sometimes the shots can make her acheyand a little sick.You will be a good mommy just relax.
I appreciate your reply, but think you may have misread my posting. Her vet visit was fine. No reactions to the shot.
Krissy I can totally sympathize with you! I'm waiting on the results, due in tomorrow morning, to know if the crystals have cleared up with Sally. My husband thinks I worry too much, and I know the vet does too. Just love them so much! I think the being a vet technician wouldn't help much either. Hang in there, RELAX and enjoy your puppy!!!
I hope everything comes back with good news!
Welcome to parenthood! It is especially bad when you are well informed! LOL
Well said..
I would think being a vet tech would make you more worried, because you've seen all those "one-in-a-thousand" worst-case scenarios! It also could be that if there are some other things going on in your life that you are projecting worries onto the dog.

I must say, though, that any time I come home and Jack is not right there at the door waiting, my heart speeds up just a bit and my mind starts racing. Maddie is always right there, so I can't say if I would respond the same way if it were her, but despite the fact that Jack regularly takes his sweet old time getting up to come and say hi, I still start thinking of the "what-ifs" every time it happens!


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