Greetings Corgi lovers.

My wife and I have raised Pembroke"s for over 20 years. We recently lost our male pembroke to a rare and invasive cancer.He was only 9 yo. We have been searching for a rescue male, young or up to 5 years old,

We live in New England and have applied to most of the Pembroke clubs and rescues on the east coast, Unfortunately, there are many Pembroke senior dogs available, but we cannot go through the heartbreak of losing another  dog which takes a long time to get over.

We have signed up for Corgi alerts through Rescue Me and they have been great in sending dogs available, but are mostly Corgi mix breeds.

I,m also curious if there are other Corgi lovers out there who are having similar issues in finding rescue Corgi's.

We are new to My and would appreciate any guidance on using the site and contributing. Neither of us are very computer savvy.

We hope that we are contributing in the correct manner.

Corgi's forever!

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Hi and welcome!

It is not easy to find purebred Corgis in rescue.  They occasionally show up but often there are waiting lists.  You may have some luck going through breeders, who sometimes have retired show dogs, or young prospects that didn't work out, or dogs they placed as puppies that need rehoming.   If you go to the PWCCA website you can maybe contact some breeders in New England.  

Our Madison was 4 when we got her through a breeder as a retired show dog.  We had already gotten a puppy from this particular breeder, and she normally only places adults with people who have already had puppies through her, but different breeders use different guidelines.

Thank you  for the advice Beth.

It is much appreciated,


I was very lucky.  I found two of my boys on Petfinder through their email alerts.  They were at the local shelter.  Since then (2011), I have not seen another purebred come through in my area. 

Good luck.

I have found a few Pembrokes, but they have all been either on the west coast, Texas, or through a rescue which will not do out of state adoptions.

We have received word on a 3yo female coming into a rescue tomorrow.

10 years ago, it took me about 3 weeks to rescue my beloved Baxter who recently passed and my female Tiff. They were both adopted from the same rescue, who also arranged a volunteer transport of close to 1000 miles.

Thank you for the reply.

Corgi people, like their dogs, are a breed apart.


Welcome to MyCorgi!  I second Beth's suggestion.  8 years ago we got a pure bred who was returned to his breeder thru no fault of his own, he was 5 at the time.  We were so impressed with his breeding we contacted her to see if she was retiring any of her dogs.  She was, a 4 yo female who happened to be our Max's cousin.

Just recently our Max was diagnosed with DM and lymphoma, at 13 and with the DM we have chosen not to try chemo for him, using steroids to shrink the tumors.  I have kept in touch with Karen Baker from Crystal Corgis (she is also the president of the Mayflower Corgi Club) over the years to let her know how the dogs are doing.  The night I emailed her to tell her about Max she was emailing me.  She had a 4 yo male returned to her, no fault of his, and wondered if we thought he might fit in with our pack.  We just picked him up on Saturday.

As you can see it pays to keep in contact with individual breeders, ask if they are retiring any of their dogs or if they have a dog returned to them.  These dogs may not be listed with the rescue portion of a club because these dogs belong to the breeders.

I wish you much luck in finding a new 4 legged friend.

Hello Tom, I hope you find the dog that is meant for you and your wife soon.  I wanted a Cardigan and none were available anywhere in US rescues, then our Mowgli showed up on Petfinder in a Shelter just  a few hours drive from us.  He happened to be a young dog.  I just want to put in a plug for those senior dogs needing homes, since you write "there are many Pembroke senior dogs available, but we cannot go through the heartbreak of losing another  dog which takes a long time to get over."

I have learned that "young" and "old" are deceptive terms, both in people and in dogs. Some live a short time, some live a long time and some fall somewhere in between. I now have a mix-breed who I adopted at 7 months who has just turned 17.  I thought she was old at 10..... Would it have hurt more to lose her at 10, or at 5, or at 17?  I know you can answer that question quite easily for yourself.  Older dogs can offer a great deal and the pain of loosing a dog, or person, of any age is proportionate to the bond you have, not just how long it's been around.  I am not saying you should take in a senior dog in ill heath, as that is a labor of love not for everyone.  I would just not automatically rule out adoptable dogs over the age of 5 as you indicate.  Some lucky dog is waiting for your wonderful home, best wishes.

Very good point Anna. I also have my Teddy (a puppy mill survivor) and the vet guessed his age and we believe him to be about thirteen. Some days he acts much younger and I do believe he could  live live longer than my Wynn. Just like people...we never know. My niece only adopts seniors as she knows they are the hardest to place.. We all have our reasons and that's fine too.

Hi Anne,

No plug needed for senior dogs, I have a 10yo and a 12 yo.

We have not ruled out any age  rescue.

Hope you understand.

Thank you for your comment.


You're welcome Tom.  I do understand and there are so many things to consider.  Certainly already having two senior doggies would be a good reason to want to introduce a younger dog into the mix.  For one thing, they will usually bring in more stimulation to the older ones, which can benefit them in the long run.  It is also difficult to have several older dogs at the same time, so a mix of ages is generally preferable.  In your situation I do agree with your intended choice.

The problem with responding to posts from new members is that one often does not know enough about them, a mistake on my part.   I simply wanted to refute the general statement about older dogs, as so many read these discussions.  I'm glad you gave me an opportunity to refine my answer.

Second Beth on the "not easy" sentiment! We have a wonderful rescue lady here in Phoenix. Her choices tend to be pretty limited, often older dogs or those with serious health problems.

Do contact every breeder in your area and let them know you'd like to adopt a grown-up. The breeder who produced the ineffable Ruby the Corgi Pup actively pleaded with buyers to bring her dogs BACK TO HER if for any reason whatsoever they couldn't kept them or just didn't want them anymore. When I went to pick up Ruby, she had an absolutely gorgeous tricolor female -- to die for! If she'd known I would've been open to an adult dog (she didn't) she could have rehomed that pooch here in an instant. Even if the breeder doesn't have a returned dog today, she may get one tomorrow -- and no doubt would be delighted to have a good home waiting in the wings.

Hi Vicky,

We have contacted almost every breeder that we could find in New England. I get alerts from Rescue Me daily, but every dog we  have responded to, has restrictions. Either no other dogs in the house, no out of state adoptions etc, etc..

We are staying in touch with all the Corgi clubs up and down the east coast .Have numerous applications submitted and responded to.

10 Years ago, I found Corgi's relatively easy to find and adopt, but times have changed.

I'm a bit perplexed that even a shelter from California posting on Rescue Me, limits Corgi adoptions based on the adopters  age. No students, or people under 25yo and  "Vintage Seniors" whatever that means.The woman posting states she has been rescuing Corgi's for 40+ years, but doesn't seem know about the people wanting to rescue and provide a good home for the dogs. This can become a bit of over protection and a dog can miss out on a loving home due to us humans and our insecurities, while the dog sits sitting in a shelter and is not in foster care. Most rescues ask for references from Vets, other Corgi owners, Rescue volunteers and friends. You would think this would be enough..

Your are blessed to have Ruby. Too bad you couldn't have taken the tri-color with her. I've found that 2 or 3 dogs can be good for us and the dogs too.

Thanks for your kind words  and we do believe we will eventually find the right Corgi waiting in the wings.



Are you still looking for a corgi?  Saw a gorgeous boy on Facebook today from Fortin's Pembroke Welsh Corgi's.  They're in Missouri.  I don't know anything about this breeder but you might check them out.


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