Pembrokes up for Adoption at the Intermountain Humane Society in Colorado

This was sent to me by my Yahoo group...just want to spread this along.  There will be plenty more Corgis from the sounds of it.  We all love our Corgis, but no need to over do it...


The Intermountain Humane Society in Pine Junction, CO (just west of Denver) is helping to place adult Pembroke Welsh Corgis from an animal hoarder in their area. They are taking two dogs at a time and probably will have in the neighborhood of 30 to place. The first two are Jackson, a four year old male and Pansy, a five year old female. You can see their photos at and call the shelter at (303) 838-2668. Please help spread the word!


Here is Jackson

Jackson: Corgi, Dog; Pine, CO
And here is Pansy (A pretty little fluffy girl)
Pansy: Corgi, Dog; Pine, CO
(I have no affiliation with the Humane Society - I am just reposting this as a favor to these sweet little dogs)

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OMG...they are beautiful...good luck little ones. Thanks for posting this!
They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the post Karen! We'll help spread the word!


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