Hi, I'm back again for another call to arms for the corgi community--I'll do commissions and accept donations to help this little guy. The owner has 7 dogs and won't give him up to rescue because her kids want to keep him--the problem is he has cataracts and needs surgery and a special needs home. My website is www.kcline.blogspot.com, and I'll draw portraits of your dog for whatever donation you'll give. Just post on here who you are and what you sent, and what you'd like drawn. All proceeds will go to offering a "bribe" for this puppy--we're going to attempt to tell her the surgery costs and if she still won't because of her children, I'm going to offer whatever money I can gather for him.

My paypal is 23spades@gmail.com.

Thank you guys, I really want to help this woman and this puppy out, I just need her to know that. If she ends up giving him or if I get more than expected, the rest of the proceeds will go to Middle Tennessee Corgi Rescue.


**THANKS for all your help guys. We called a dog optometrist and tried to reason with the woman and tell her the price of surgery (3000 dollars) and offer her the money donated+more, and she still refuses to respond. Any donations given will be used to help spay/neuter fosters in MTCRs care. Thank you all for your help and consideration....hopefully someday she will realize it is what's best for this puppy, before it is too late to get his surgery done and save his vision. :(

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Im in Clarksville, and I already have 2 corgis, but if she gives him up, Ill take him and all his medical costs.....
Thank you for your offer! I think we'll keep him in rescue and figure out a good placement for him. I was considering keeping him since I have a puppy-proof apartment with only 1 other dog.
My offer is always open, I do have a house and fenced in yard.  My house is dog proofed, and so is the yard.  My vet is mobile so he does house calls.....please keep me in mind, I would love to adopt him.
I appreciate the offer, but he's not even in my care yet. The woman is not responding, but I'm going to keep trying. I'll keep you in mind if he is adoptable down the line if I ever obtain him from her.
A woman just contacted Tavia, the creator of MTCR on facebook...I'm not sure what will be done with what she contacted her about, but apparantly she deals in rescue and a litter of (what she thinks are) purebred corgi pups and her mom are about to be turned over to her. The puppies are 7 weeks old...would fostering these be of any interest to you?
Yup I am most def. Interested in helping..what do I need to do?
Can you send me an e-mail at 23spades@gmail.com so I can have your contact information? I'm not sure yet if Tavia will take them/they'll need her to, but I saw that and thought I'd ask!
Will do! And thank you!
Count me in and I'll send you a check...I will message you my email address if you will give me your address:)
Awesome! Friended you :) My e-mail is the same as paypal--23spades@gmail.com, you can just e-mail me your e-mail if you'd like!
Please keep us updated!!!!!!!
I will :)


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