Hello all, 

How many of you feed your little ones people food along with dog food?  Does anyone feed their corgi ONLY people food?  


What kinds of people food do you give your corgi?  In lieu of dog treats, I sometimes give out pieces of chicken, cheese, and hard boiled egg.  


What kind of diet is your corgi on?



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A natural diet is nothing new, though I'd introduce slowly as some dog's just can't handle it ( my Mom has a Whippet that can't digets raw food well). As for ice cubes, its fun but ever think of adding something to them, I have and its a blast to watch the chaos ensue.

I found these links...





Hope this helps out.


Don and Crew

I feed my two raw. But on top of that they will get patties of blended mix veggies that I prep and freeze as patties, I will also mix it up and add yogurt, pure pumpkin, fresh raw egg(whole), cottage cheese or flax seed, and my boyfriend sometimes gives them olive oil(I can’t I’m allergic to olives) but sometimes they just get meat, or meat and veggie blend. If they have been good they get scraps in there dish after dinner or fed away from table as a treat for a tick, or while I am cooking if they sit/lay in there "spot" at the edge of the kitchen and not come in and bother me; which consists of fruits and veggies (carrots, broccoli, peas, green beans, apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato, sweet potato peels, the chopped off tough ends of asparagus) or other things like trimmings of meat, cheese and plain rice. Fruit and veggies never go bad in my house as if they are getting close to the time they are going bad we just feed them to the dogs, and those that aren’t dog friendly like peppers get devoured by my boyfriend within a couple days of me buying anyways.

I make homemade treats for my dogs (great way to keep the house warm during cold winter days/nights). Every night they get homemade banana or pumpkin biscotti (which is yummy for people which is an add bonus and complete surprise though I try not to eat them lol.) I also dehydrate bananas, apples and berries which we all share, but I also dehydrate, sweet potato, liver and heart just for them. And Kiwi and mango just for me to make it fair lol.

Cheyenne will only eat one type of dog food and that is the Purina Fit and Trim. I was feeding her table scrapes but now I am making homemade bones and treats with people food.
Her favorites are anything with pumpkin or peanut butter, the veggie bones and the frozen yogurt with different fruits.


Cheyenne is also in love with ice cubes. She hears the freezer door open and comes running into the kitchen, begging for one.



Thank you so much for the comments/stories everyone!
Mine eat whatever we eat as long as it not bad/harmful for them. I usually fix a little human food plain for their plates. All four get a spoon of PB each night before bed. They love ice, carrots, popcorn. The key to a long healthy life is like for us humans. Play time and exercise. Ours get all they want. Big fenced yard and doggie door, food and water always available when they want it.


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