Hey Everyone. I can't remember who it was that I heard refering to peroxide as a smell eliminator/cleaner, but I'm still having problems with my old lab/mix Caleb peeing in the house. I have fairly thick carpet, have tried numerous things, (EXCEPT PEROXIDE)and still... every time I get home thats all I can smell. What strength do you use? can you use it on colored carpet? Please run me through your techniques... It's making me crazy!!!

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Hi Kristin, go to walmart's pharmacy asile, get 6 bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide, then proceed to the cooking or laundry asile, get a box of arm and hammer baking soda.

1. Make sure the urine is dry - use paper towel to soak up urine, when you can't soak up anymore, fold the paper towel several times and put a book on it, make sure there's no moisture.

2. Soak the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide - if the stained area was the size of a quarter, flood the area twice the size, let it soak through he padding underneath. Let it dry completely. Depending on the area, it may take days. You can block off the area by putting an empty laundry basket upside down.

3. Sprinkle the area and the rest of the room with baking soda - make sure the stain is dried completely first. Leave the baking soda in for 30-60 minutes, then vacuum it up.

Baking soda + water can be made into a paste, it should take any stain out with some elbow grease.

There's also a machine call "little green" by bissell, get the heat version, it works very well. Visit the rescue store on your right for details. If you want to steam the whole house, my favourite is the Hoover Steamvac dual V.

If you are going to use commercial enzyme product, let it sit so that the it can be broken down. Block off the area with an upside down laundry basket. You can also make your own enzyme product (3 months required)
How do you make your own enzyme product? I wouldn't, since I buy Nature's Miracle from our local shelter, and profits go to the animals' care, but I am curious.
I'd like to know too!
Hi Julia, here's the ingredient and cost breakdown, and here's an illustration.
I am definitely going to give this a try! Thanks Sam!! : )
Natures Miracle would be a good enzyme product to use. Problem is that maybe the pad under the carpet is soaked in urine in which case you can't do anything but remove the carpet, clean underneath the carpet and replace the pad.
I'm sure peroxide works well, but I've always used vinegar and water. For any accident, but particularly urine, I use vinegar and water over the spot. First blot up the yellow stuff. Then apply carpet cleaner to prevent stains (I use Folex) then mix a little vinegar with water (about half and half) in a small cup. Use rag to rub vinegar/water solution into spot on carpet. This will not stain, will not cause discoloration in carpet, and vinegar neutralizes ammonia in urine which is what attracts dog back to the same spot. Yes, the room will smell faintly of vinegar for a few minutes, but it quickly dissipates. There will be no lingering smell of anything after that. I have a wool shag rug that I've used this method on, and it does not smell at all. Also, vinegar is a disinfectant too, so that always gives me comfort :) Good luck.


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