Applying pesticides for the sake of aesthetic purposes? My coworker's Boxer has been in critical condition for the past few days because of his neighbor's lawn fertilizer. My coworker said that when they were spraying the lawn, they were actually able to smell it strongly from inside of their home. Somehow the dog ingested it. Now he's vomiting blood and having bloody diarrhea. I'm sure if he were a smaller dog, he would be dead right now. 


And obviously those fumes cannot be safe for adults or children to be breathing in either!

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It's possible the dog ate some grass and ingested it that way.  Or maybe chewed on a toy or a branch or something else that was left outside.  Just because the neighbor is spraying his lawn it doesn't mean that some won't end up on other people's lawns as well. 


And I agree, it's not healthy for anyone to be breathing a spray in.  Hopefully none of his human family members get sick as well.  :(

Oh poor dog! That's why I have some weeds. I also use 20% vinegar for most of mine or the very few I spray singly I don't let the dogs near that area. I hope he's ok. My sister in law had their house sprayed for something inside and her dogs got very sick. I don't care if they say it's isn't:(


Thanks for posting as it's getting to be that time of year and a good reminder!


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