I just received a quote from Pets Bets insurance.  It seems reasonable but who out there has insurance, what should it cover, what coverage do you find unnecessary, any tricks to watch out for?  What experience have you all had with different companies?

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I had insurance with my cat, I cannot remember the company. However, essentially it was a huge waste of money. Sure, it covered a vet visit or two and reimburse you for things like teeth cleanings and vaccines. However, when you needed it most it didn't cover it. Our cat came home with the insurance and within 2 weeks had an eye infection, gum infection, tumor, and an upper respiratory infection. We spent a few grand getting everything taken care of. The pet insurance covered none of it. I have looked at a few and they all pretty much cover basic care, which is far cheaper to pay for myself than to pay pet insurance premiums. I'd rather stick some money into a savings account and use that should anything ever befall my corgi. It is much cheaper in the end.

I currently have Pet Plan. I compared a few other plans and decided to go with Pet Plan. I'm only 7 month's into it so I can't give you any positive or negative thoughts.

I had a similar experience as Andrea.   We adopted a cat and they give you 30 days insurance.  Little did we know that Emmy came home with some serious problems.  I will admit that they did pay something towards her treatments.  As we got closer to the end of the 30 days they wanted me to renew it.  The catch was they would no longer cover what she was being treated for.  Unfortantely before the end of the 30 days we found out that she had a growth in her larnyx and it was imoperable.  Sadly we had to have her PTS.  They did cover part of the cost for that.  But to cover any of my other animals, I don't think so.  The cost of the insurance is way more than what I've had to put out in vet bills and that includes a $700 surgery for my black cat.

I have VPI. I compared several companies and their policies and pricing. This policy is 25 per month and does not cover routine care/wellness visits. I picked this at the recommendation of a pet sitter who fosters and has several dogs of her own. I thought the coverage was more comprehensive, and did not "discriminate" based on the fact that our dog is intact (some other policies had exclusions like automobile accidents and fights with other dogs). I have not had to use it yet, and hopefully I never will, but it gives me some peace of mind.


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