I'm thinking of getting Ollie pet-health insurance but it's all very confusing and most of the companies I've looked into have mixed reviews? I know mycorgi.com has a promotion with ASPCA so I'd be interested to hear people's experiences with them & I also liked what I've read about Trupanion... also, this is more for emergency coverage than for routine shots and the like.

as always, any info & advice is welcome! thanks!!

Ollie & his mama

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Hi Ollie, here's my answer yesterday. Good luck!
Hi Ollie & Ollie's mama,

Your Ollie is adorable, how old is he now?

I was wondering if you ended up finding a good pet insurance company that you could recommend for our Maya? We were looking into the ASPCA promotions as well, but would like to get more information from other comapnies before committing.

Maya & parents
Hey everyone. I have looked forever and I found a wonderful pet insurance called pets best insurance. For just $47 a month it covers all genetic diseases, dental, all surgurys and routine care. So let's say one of your fur kids had an acciedent( I hope not though!) And its genetic. U pay at the vets but they pay that money back to you
Hi there,

Though I certainly hope not, have you has experience with this yet? I just wonder how fast the turn around for something like that is with each company. Trupanion states that 90% of cases receive a repayment check within 48 hours which is why I'm thinking of them... it's all so confusing!

Ol-bol & his mom
First off I want to say Ollie's puppy pictures are just too cute! I have often thought about getting Pet health insurance. I came across this page that compares all the different types of Pet insurance. Unfortunately I just haven't had the time to follow up on anything. Maybe this will help you with your decision.... http://www.petinsurancereview.com/dog.asp Hope this helps....

Ol-bol & mom
hi ollie and his mama:) i have been talking to alot of my friends since they too have pet insurance. to cut it short if you are really only looking for accident and genetic coverage, they all recommend trupanion and healthy paws. i would call both of them and they can answer any of your questions. i called about 7 different companies and i finally found the one i was looking for. they are very helpful and will even make you a quote (u can do that online) but they can answer all the questions you have and there are details u must know such as after going to the vet when u can send the paper work so they can reimburse you. some require a 15day waiting period
I have been leaning Trupanion the whole time due to reviews and price, also the easy system they have and I'm pretty sure that's what we're going with... Thanks bunches!

S & Ol
your very welcome:) glad i could help out
I have ASPCA, and so far haven't had to use it (it's only been three months, and tegan is very accident prone so I am sure we will find a reason soon, unfortunately lol.) but I think it's very affordable, i like that they offer "continuing care" plans which means your dog can get treatment for illnesses he/she gets as long as she was covered when it was discovered, and I also have really had excellent dealings with everyone I have spoken to on the phone from their service. They didn't hound me like some companies did after I called to get a quote, they gave me the info and then let me decide. And, finally, I love that some of my money goes to ASPCA and not just some money hungry company.
They offer 80% reimbursement on accidents and illness in their care plan #2, which is what I got Tegan. And that's under $40 a month, with a one time $100 deductible. I'm a fan so far....


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