I just saw a video on youtube and a bell went off in my head! I realized why I like corgis. I grew up with bunnys and guinea pigs LOL haha! We also had dogs and cats and birds, we raised parrakeets and I sold them on the street corner ( a simpler time) but I cant remember a time we didnt have guinea pigs running around. We also had them as my children grew up too. What pets did you all have growing up that may have influenced your decision to get a corgi?

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Aha, that was another reason why I wanted a corgi. With my anxiety issues slowly getting better, I wanted a dog that I could take on walks and motivate me to get out of the house more. We have three chihuahuas, so I know what the little dog personality is like: They make good lap dogs and foot warmers, but not much else. I wanted a dog that could do what big dogs can-- things like tricks, fetching, walks, camping... Something sturdy! I love big dogs, but I knew Mom would have a fit if I got a large breed in this small house. A corgi was the next best thing.
That's funny I grew up with Guinea Pigs, Bunnies, hamsters......
Grew up in the country with chickens for pets. Spent half my childhood in the hen house, but am very good with poultry.  LOL!!   My favorites were banties who are small, but feisty.  My first pet banty hen was named Twiggy.  For those of you who remember that name, my hen was ahead of her time:)  No dog - Mom not a pet person.
the major factor in getting a Corgi was my fiance was in college living off campus and a friend of a friend had a puppy she could not keep in the dorms.  So guys being guys "sure we'll watch him for you", and since Gregg was not working he ended up spending the most time with the pup.  The gal who owned the pup claimed it was part wolf,( no one else could figure out what the heck it was) but it was real short and had these tremendous ears and big feet!  They were constant companions.  It wasn't until we decided we were in a position to have a pup that he finally stumbled upon the truth.   I showed him a picture of a cute Cardi and he was stunned....there was his old pal "Algernon".  Finding a rescue Corgi that doesn't hate cats was pretty near impossible, so I decided to go through a breeder, and we found a great Pemmi breeder here in Florida.  Growing up we always had at least two dogs at a time; mostly Newfies.  We also had horses, rabbits, ducks, sheep, Mom's goat, and I had a pet steer.


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