Don't know if this has been posted already somewhere, but I'm on Pinterest and have noticed SO MANY Corgi boards lately -- people who love Corgis and love pinning pictures of them.  Corgis seem to have become so popular!

Here's mine, for anyone interested

I've got like 500 followers, already!  Can't believe it. 

Does anybody else have a Pinterest Corgi board?

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Good heavens woman!  I've never seen so many corgi pics in one place!  I loved scrolling thru them!

LOL - yeah, it seems excessive, but when you've been on Pinterest nearly 2 years, even just adding one or two pins a day adds up fast.

There are actually "Pinners" with 10,000 or even 20,000 or more pins.  Guess I'm actually still a newbie, ha.

Yeah, I have friends that are totally addicted to Pinterest.  I have an account, have a few things pinned including a board with critters...all kinds...but I don't think I have been there in a couple of months.

It took me awhile to get addicted -- now it's sort of a habit, visiting the site, pinning stuff.

I always visit OCD - Obsessive Corgi Disorder (, and it's too easy to pin things every day from there.  I love that site!

I wish they'd be less popular...

You really had to post that didn't you!  I spent too much time on pinterest last night looking a corgi pics!

LOL!  ;-)

Chelsea....I go to OCD several times a day.  If you're down those pictures will just put such a smile on your face.

I so agree.  Even if I didn't have my own Corgi, I'd be visiting that site, just for a smile. 

Yes, I have a corgi board!  I LOVE looking for adorable corgis!!!


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