Ok, I know this is a slightly gross topic, but I need insight into something. Piper is almost 4 months old and is great during the night, usually sleeping through from 10pm until around 7am. We take her out for a walk, and she'll do her business (pee and poop). At this point in the day, her poop is usually solid.

During the day, we take her out several times and she will again do her business (pee and poop), but the consistency of the poop changes. There have been several occasions where we need to put her in the bathtub because her poop is extremely soft and runny, and it gets all over her bum :( I'm not sure why this is happening. We feed her Wellness for Puppies 1/2 cup mixed with some canned food (either Wellness for Puppies canned or Wellness Pure). She did have a bout with Coccidia when we first got her, but was given a clean bill of health several weeks ago.

We have an appointment for her next round of shots at the vet this Saturday, but I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestion or advice on this topic before then. I'm starting to question if it's the canned food or maybe the kibble. Piper didn't seem too interested in the dry kibble, that's why we added the canned food.

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It's possible it might be the canned food.  Both of mine have softer poop when I feed them canned dog food (which is usually only once per year or less.)  You could try adding something else, like pumpkin (plain, not pie filling) or plain yogurt, and see if it helps at all.

If you weren't planning to already, be sure to take in a poop sample when you visit this Saturday.  You might also want to call the Vet later in the week if symptoms persist, so that they know you're bringing in the sample and can check it for parasites if need be.

If her stool check is negative ( no worms or coccidia) she just may be getting too much food.  If a dog does not eat all of the kibble offered ( I personally add a little water) I would not add stuff to entice eating. I only add goodies occasionally as a treat, but my dogs all gobble up whatever I put down. I would cut back on her kibble until she eats it readily and do away with the canned food altogether.  A stool check is a good idea, done so you have the results before you go in for shots.

I'd try leaving out the canned food and see what happens. Not all brands of food agree with every dog either.

Just wondering, are you feeding her the Large Breed variety of that puppy kibble? Corgis absolutely should not be eating the garden variety of puppy food as it promotes accelerated growth and that can really throw a spanner into their development. As you know, they're a dwarf breed and quite peculiar in their bone growth patterns, behaving much more like larger breeds than their fellow shorties.

Cut out the canned food, ensure you are feeding a kibble suited for corgis, and if she's still fussy with the food, try switching up protein sources or add in some light, strained chicken broth. You'll eventually want her just eating kibble alone, as soft food does build up plaque on the teeth much quicker, meaning more dental care needed from you!

It's probably the wet food making her BM runny.  If she is not interested in just the dry food add some water to it and it will moisten and be more appealing to her.  Also the kibble alone may be too hard and she is not used to it.

When Franklin was a pup he had diarrhea that sounds similar to what your pup is going through, We had to do 3 fecals before he came up positive for Coccidia. I'm just telling you this because even though a fecal may have said she was negative, she may still have coccidia. I'd ask your vet. Also, try feeding just plain chicken and rice for a few days until she has consistently solid stool for 2-3 days then slowly introduce the kibble back. If she continues to have solid stool you can try to slowly start introducing the wet. Also, Franklin's breeder fed Wellness and he NEVER had solid stool on Wellness. Taste of the Wild has been the only food so far that he has had consistently solid poops with. We tried several other foods.

I probably sound like a broken record (if you read my posts in other threads) but try a spoonful of plain yogurt with each meal. We had a similar problem with our Boston when he was little (he also had coccidia) and the yogurt cleared it up.We now do this with all our dogs and it keeps their tummies healthy.


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