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We just got our puppy Booker this week and he's been great so far, very curious and playful. However the last day he has been nipping at our heels and biting us hard. I'll tell him no, but he barks and growls, it's playful too not a snarl type. He's only 7 weeks so I know we can get this out of him I just can't find a post that hits on how to stop this. I'll try to pet him to call him but he just keeps biting and he bites everything! Cords, purses, shoes, feet, chair wheels, my phone, etc. I've heard if you find him biting something you don't want him to, just change it out with something appropriate like a bone or something. If anyone has anymore advice we'd really appreciate it! We want to kick this in the butt appropriately and as soon as possible.

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He's a little young to be away from the litter. Many breeders no longer let the puppies go until 10 or 12 weeks. One of the advantages is learning bite inhibition.  Since it will now be up to you, you will need to be very consistent. . I have been successful using a very high pitched yelp when the teeth get used. If the puppy continues, put him in a puppy proof room or x-pen for a few minutes and then try again. Make sure he has plenty of the right things to chew on. I like putting a little spray cheese in a Kong because it encourages chewing something good as well as calming.  you will want to puppy proof anywhere he will be loose but still watch him carefully. Too much freedom at this age can be dangerous for him as well as all your belongings. If you are very consistent as he matures he will learn not to chew on things that are not his. As he continues teething he will need to be watched carefully while he is loose in the house. This stage does pass fortunately. He is still just a baby and it will take time.

Really? Huh, we met our breeder half way instead of flying him and she said he would be fine at this age as long as we're home a lot, which we are currently. Hopefully this doesn't become an issue. I figured it would pass we wanted to know the best methods. I've started squirting him with water today and that's been working pretty well. But thanks Bev, I'll definitely try to be as consistent as possible.

The longer a pup can stay with his mom and littermates the better. I always kept mine till 10 weeks at least but that's not the point.

If the pup bites, in a loud voice yell "ouch" turn away and totally ignore him". He will get the message if you are consistent.

I would be very reluctant to be squirting him with water at this age.  He is really a bit young to be leaving his litter mates and mom.  They would have helped to teach him some bite inhibition.  When he bites his siblings they yelp and quit playing.  He learns not to bite so hard if he wants to keep his friends and continue playing.  Squirting him with water is really negative. As a general rule, corgi's don't respond well to negative reinforcement.  All you have to do is say "OUCH!" in a high pitched yelpy voice and turn away.  It won't happen over night, but he will learn not to bite.  It may take several weeks. Everybody in the household needs to be consistent and patient.  Good luck.

I talked to some people at the pet store we go to (it's a local all natural one), and they agreed. I didn't like how he looked when I did squirt him either. We'll definitely try that, I did it earlier today and he looked up at me sad and stopped playing so that's a good sign. Thanks for the advice Susan!

I agree with the suggestions of yelping, saying "No" and stop playing if he does it.   If doing it while not playing then I would invest in a playpen or kennel to give him a time out of a few minutes, to bring him back.  If continues, repeat.   
But don't forget to praise the times you're walking by and he's not biting.    Having a few kibbles in your pocket for instant reward is helpful so you can praise and reward immediatetly..   it's key.

Also remember that when being playful you can over stimulate your pup and make him turn agressive.  If that happens, I would pick him up and rock him.   Some try to pet the pups calmly but I've found that Wally just wanted to run, nip and jump.  By being in my harms he calmed down very quickly.       I use the petting and soothing voice technic when he's anxious, such as with Thunder, Sirens, unknown noises....


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