We adopted a little sister for Chewey last weekend... I had been looking for another corgi to adopt but they are fairly hard to come by in this area, especially since I knew it was really going to have to be the "right" dog for it to work with Chewey (aka sir-snark-a-lot). In any case, I saw this little 7 mos old girl (Abby) cross-posted on FB by a corgi rescue group. She was advertised as a border collie/corgi mix and is just the cutest little thing. I can definitely see the border collie & it's clear she has other breeds mixed in, just undecided as to what. She's slightly taller than Chewey but a slim border collie build & longer legs than a corgi. Her ears/face are definitely something besides border collie, just can't decide what :-). Some of her markings are very corgi-like.

I just thought it would be fun to post & get some other thoughts/ideas about what she might be...

I'm still crossing my fingers that it's going to work out. She seems to have a very nice disposition but Chewey has been a spoiled only dog for close to 5 years and is not thrilled to have a little sister. Especially one that pesters the crap out of him!

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2nd Photo didn't get added the first time for some reason

Aw, she's a cutie. Do you know what she weighs? Her head looks like a bigger dog but she looks little. I'm not really convinced on the Corgi part; the short dwarfed leg is genetically dominant and you usually see a fairly short leg on a first generation cross. I definitely see a lot of Border Collie.

She's only 24-25 lbs.  The vet(s) didn't seem to think she was going to get much bigger (course they could be wrong, although I hope they aren't).     Ah, that's interesting - I didn't know that dwarf legs are genetically dominant.  So that does answer my question.  I wasn't convinced either, other than she's small and the shape of her ears aren't very border-collie like.    Her paws are also large for her size.

Someone commented that the shape of her head looks like an Akita... It does somewhat, but I sure hope that isn't part of the mix, at least in terms of how big she is going to get ;->

I agree with the border collie...whatever she is she's adorable!!!!!

Thanks!   She is very cute and is super sweet, so hoping she keeps that disposition.  She's a bit stubborn - she likes to plant her feet when she doesn't want to go somewhere on leash, so maybe she has some corgi in her after all ;->   

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she and Chewey are able to work things out.  Right now she's crated if I can't supervise them but I was hoping I'd be able to give her a bit more room (backyard plus limited access using a baby gate), because she's very high energy.  

She is really cute but Border collies are also working dogs and that goes for the "high energy".   Chewey is the only small being that she thinks she can "work" or herd so he may be in for it.  Hopefully, he can negotiate a truce with her.

I know... Believe me, adopting a border collie was the furthest thing from my mind for that exact reason.   We are active and she will get twice daily beach, park and/or swim time...but there's active and then there's ACTIVE. 

When we met her and saw that she looked predominantly border collie we definitely had second thoughts, but the couple who were rehoming her were full time students who lived in an apartment and also worked and I didn't want to leave her in that situation.  We do both work but we have a fenced yard and no kids and I am able to work from home some.  Whether it will be enough to keep her occupied and out of trouble remains to be seen, but I'm still trying to sort out other options (e.g. doggie day care or mid-day dog walking).  

She is adorable no matter what she is.  In the 2nd pic...head on...I looked closely at her front legs.  At the ankle they are slightly turned out but not as much as you would expect to see in a first generation cross.

Beautiful and so smart looking!  For her and Chewey, if you have time, lots of long walks together on leash would work well to help with the adjustment.

Definitely planning to do that... Although the first order of business is to teach her to walk on a leash!  Not sure if she had ever been on one, at least based on the way she acts.  Fortunately she seems to be learning quickly.

That is a purebred CutieCur. ;-)

She is a sweetie.  Now we want to see pictures of her pestering the crap out of Chewey. 


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