PLEASE-- 1 yr old unneutered male cardigan in Pittsburgh area needs a home

Some people dropped a Corgi off along the road near a farm in western PA hoping it would get picked up or hit by a car. No, I'm not exaggerating. This is per the "people" if you can call them that. He appears to be a purebred brown 1 yr old unneutered male Cardigan corgi. He seems to be housebroken because he hasn't peed or pooped in the garage for the 2 days that he has been there. He gets along with the foster mom's dog and is really sweet. He'll be taken to the Humane Society if no one wants him, since the foster family doesn't have the room. I have the contact information if anyone is interested in this sweet little lost boy.

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Send Sam a message as he can possibly give you some corgi rescue names:) Thanks for picking him up...poor boy...

Hi Heather, would you mind posting a pic?

DO NOT take him to the humane society, contact PWCCP 's 

P.O. Box 196 
Chatham, PA 19318

I'll post a pic as soon as I can.  I'm not the foster--she lives out in the country.   Heather

I agree with Sam; Corgi rescue will probably take him if no home can be found.  I regularly go on Petfinder to look for Corgis here in PA and there are NONE except for the rare puppy mill rescue through a smaller no-kill rescue. 


The regional breed rescues do a great job.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT take him to the shelter! i could not imagine someone putting him down because the shelter has no room either. if money was good i would take him in a heart beat but sadly car troubles has put us in debt :(
I don't personally know the foster, but I am recommending PWCCP via our mutual connection.  I'm doing what I can from afar.
GREAT NEWS!  The poor little abandoned Cardi has found a forever home! Thanks to everyone for the advice and well wishes.The fact that this all happened so fast speaks to the facts that corgis are wonderful, wonderful dogs!
that is wonderful news! i am so happy this little guy found a home!
Thumbs up!
Sweet.  Tell them to post here; we'd like to hear the story and see the dog.


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