i found this sore on my Jai today, just under his left arm (he's been scratching it nonstop these two days). and then i found another one on his tummy.

he's had a tick bite half a year ago. wondering if this is another one? but he's been on his frontline plus religiously and is wearing an additional tick collar since that bite. so i'm not sure... if anyone has seen this kind of sore, please tell me what it is. thank you thank you thank you!!!

additional info: the weather has been turning hot and humid these days where i live. 

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I don't know, to me it just looks like a nipple that is slightly inflamed/scabbed. Its hard to tell from the picture, is it raised? One of Franklin's nipples always looks like a tick bc it has weird pigment and I always have to double check it when I am doing a tick check lol. 

thanks! i guess it's probably not his nipple as there's nothing on the other side... (though i'm ashamed to say i never know where his nipples are lol)

It does look kind of like a tick bite, but I'm not sure. The armpit area is a favorite spot. I would not recommend Frontline Plus, it did not work well for me last year. All my neighbors agree. Deer ticks are awful here and they think Frontline is like water.. I got Activyl for Becca this year and haven't found any ticks on her yet, only had one dose so far though. The only thing I don't like is the stickiness on her coat.

thank you. i will check activyl out. frontline plus was quite useless for ticks - he was on it when he got bitten by a tick last time. -_-

though it's effective in keeping the fleas off him.

It's hard to tell from the picture.  Did the one last year look like that, and did it go away- like you couldn't see it at all?

I don't want to alarm you, but it kind of looks like a growth of some sort...I'd have it checked by the vet.

thank you for the advice. i will probably get it checked by the vet after the weekend.

I would have it checked just in case.  You said he had a tick bite last year.  Do you have him vaccinated for Lyme?  If you are in a high tick area you should.

my vet said lyme disease is not common where i live, although tick fever is - and he was tested positive for it (ehrlichiosis) after the bite, and was on antibiotics for a month.

do you know if there's vaccine for tick fever?

I don't think it looks like a tick bite. To me, it looks like some kind of fungus. I'm thinking something like ringworm, although that usually isn't raised. He probably just picked it up because his belly is so low to the ground. If that's the case, the vet can give you some cream for it.

thank you so much! am getting it checked by the vet soon.


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