Please help me with Lucy, she likes to eat everything in the park

Hi everyone!

Happy to be a member of this community so I can share and help others with their corgis. 

I have a problem. Lucy, my 9 month-old corgi is eating everything in the park and I had already taken her to vet twice..very expensive by the way, but at the end you do anything for them because you love them:)

The problem started since she was three months old but we decided it was just a puppy behavior that could be trained with positive reinforcement and yummy treats. Well, she kept  on eating everything in the park (specially soil and barks). It is a strange behavior because she only does it as soon as she see other dogs in the park. When we are in the park alone she listens to me and any attempt to eat anything, she is very good at dropping it. 

I have already change her food twice (always making sure to consult this with the vet), we take her 4 times out to the park, train her inside the house, give her lots of attention and love. She is very well behaved inside the house and she is incapable of eating anything without our consent.

Anyway, I am very concerned and I am scared that one of these days she will eat something that could put her life in danger. It would be very helpful if you can advise me or tell me if this is a common behavior or if there is something I can do. 

Thanks :)



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It occurs to me that since she only does this when she sees other dogs, she might have some stress about them. Maybe they make her nervous, or she may be anxious to play with them and can't. You might try some counter-conditioning around other dogs to get her to focus on you in that situation.

Hi Beth,

I think you are right and she might be anxious to play with them (not afraid but very exited to see them). I will also try the  counter-conditioning and see how it works for her. With my husband we also schedule an appointment with a trainer so she can explain to us what exactly is her problem. 

Thanks again for your help :) 


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