Please Welcome Our 3rd Corgi to our Herd......To Be Named Later....

Well Hello There.....

How come your so BIG??  ^^ ^^

This ball is more my size, and will entertain me better. 

Well, down here, she doesnt seem as intmidating....

Mr. Ham....someone like their photo taken, lol

Corgi Squishable arrived in the mail today, whoooo, so how many did I have convinced we added a 3rd  Corgi.  :)  The squishable was released by surprise, (to help with the Hurricane) a few days ago and a link was posted on this site.  I immediately went to go order one, as I couldn't resist that adorable face.  After I placed my order, the comments below said sold out, but my order had gone through, I got a bit lucky!!!  I feel bad for the other 2 members who missed out thinking that it was sold out, I went straight to the link and placed the order and it went through, maybe someone changed their mind and returned one??  Anyway, be on the lookout around Thanksgiving if you are wanting to order one, they are releasing some then, but not a whole lot.  Who would of thought I would be ordering stuffed animals at my age!!

Now to come up with a name for HER....we now are even 3 males vs 3 females in the family lol.....

hmmm,, what was the discussion, how you know you are a true corgi lover!?! 

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Oh, I should be getting mine soon! Yay! It's soooo big (that's what she said, LOL).

Tucker on the couch...     "is that supposed to be me"     "its not funny"     "i do not have a weight problem"


Oh I love it!!

Yup, I was wondering what color it would be and then I saw her...Love the 1st pic of Lance:) I am on a waiting list and got an email today about the squishables but they didn't have corgis...only other new animals so I am still waiting:(

Congrats on your new little(?) one!

Hopefully you get an email around Thanksgiving time to alert you, that more are available.  I think you should be on the lookout yourself on the website, and not depend on the email to alert you they are available.  They said they will get more, but not a lot more. 

Thanks Jane, I amused myself with this post today, must be this gloomy weather putting me in a silly mood. 

Too cute!

Classic... You definitely had me going (I was green with envy at the thought of 3 corgis!).   Of course I'm still envious, the Squishable is very cute and probably a whole lot cheaper on food and vet bills ;->

HAha okay you had me for a second when you said 3rd corgi.  Love the pictures, the one with tucker made me laugh!

I must have missed this somewhere, but where do you order Mr fat boy?  I think it would be a hoot around here esp when my grandogger (Bristol the choc lab) and neicedogger (Riley-Sue the pit puppy) are around...they might think Jack and Kate got REAL if someone can post the web site where to order and if proceeds go to the Sandy relief all the better!!!!  Thanks :)


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