Hello from Texas!
My 7 month old Corgi, Sadie has what feels like a very pointed chest/breast bone. Is this normal for a female Corgi or maybe all Corgi's? I am afraid to put a regular harness on her as the straps all meet right at the sharpest point of the bone. If she pulls (and she will) I'm afraid it could hurt her. I prefer a harness to a collar for walks. She has less chance of slipping out of it.
Thanks - Debbie

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My female Corgi Lyla also seems to have a pointed chest bone, so I'm going to assume its normal? If you are worried about her pulling in a harness (most dogs do, that's why obedience instructors don't let you use them in classes, its almost impossible to teach a dog to walk next to you in a harness), consider getting a "no-pull" harness like this one (http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2751027&lmd...) that hooks in the front so if she pulls it tugs her body back towards you. It stops a lot of the pulling that other harnesses encourage.
Thank you for your reply! That is a good suggestion. :)
Yes, I believe it is normal , all of mine do too but varying degrees. I think some of mine look different with the amount of hair they have covering the bone also. I only use collars.
I also think it may be more pronounced as she is still growing into her bones =)
Yes it is normal. Corgis have deep chest cavities and a prominent breast bone; this allows for good lungs. I've noticed that a lot of Pembrokes' are not quite as pronounced as the Cardigans'. I have a male Cardi and his breast bone protrudes quite a bit. When we did puppy classes his trainer required all puppies to be in a harness. We had the regular, run of the mill harness with a strap that comes up the chest and because of the bone there, the strap would slide to the side so it was sitting beside the bone, so don't worry about that part.
Eddy has it!
Yup Tucker has that too. It kinda freaked me out when I firt got him! My bf's mom used to have a corgi and he assured me it was normal.
Isn't it weird? haha Ein has it too, and I think all corgis have it.
Yeah, Stanley has this too. Freaked me out when I first got him b/c I didn't know it was normal. We use a harness for car rides and it's a soft mesh harness (Puppia brand) and he seems pretty comfortable in it.
Thanks for your reply's everybody! I feel so much better knowing it's normal :)


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