This is the most hilarious, ultimately insane device I've ever seen advertised for dogs. Ginny would revolt. What about your corgi?

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Oh.... the shame
I actually saw this on a tv commercial not too long ago and was going to post something about it here! It is just way too hilarious, kinda of a good idea, but how embarrassing for the dogs, lol
Nubbinz would just start using my house as a poo trap...
Yes...mine would revolt dumb!!!! They would also probably wait so long they'd have some problems...
"Are you tired of picking up your dog's poop?" WTH if you are, then don't get a dog.
Amen to that
This looks like more work than just picking up the poop. You have to get the harness on the dog - magnet up the bag, attached it to the dog.. watch the dog reluctantly poo into the baggie attached to his rear.. than remove the bag, take the magnet off and reattach it to the contraption- throw out the poop bag. Geez.
That thing looks uncomfortable. Ella doesn't care for her regular harness, let alone one that wraps around her whole body. I'm sure Ella would try to eat the plastic bags off the back, and never look me in the eye again. I'd rather just scoop it off the ground, then try to reach under the back end of the dog and unhook a bag. I bet some dog would just wait and go on the person's hand when they went to unhook it.
its such a pathetic idea, it just makes me laugh.
Very funny, I couldn't stop laughing. Notice the corgi is the only one not wearing it...
Maybe you need to have a tail to wear it! Or a severe lack of dignity.
lol yes!


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