Hey everybody! I added a new member in our family....His name is Boots! I call him Bootsy! lol... anyways, Superstar did fine and dandy with her potty training. But, Bootsy cant do fine! He pees fine outside, but I tried to stay with him for a while, and I mean, last night I was outside for an hour and a half trying for him to poop! He has not pooped outside but when he comes back inside or is being placed in his crate, he poops! His crate is the appropriate size for him since Superduper used it before. Can anyone give me tips???Thanks!

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I always found a walk brings it out! Just be sure to say something (I used "go potty") as soon as he starts anything. That will help him to go on command. Unfortunately some puppies (and elderly dogs) need activity to get "things" moving! You could also try bringing one of his accidents out to where you want him to go.
Well, I walked him last night, for about 15 minutes and waited and waited....nothing came out! and I always say "bathroom" and he understands to pee but not to poop!and this morning, he was sleeping, I woke up and in less than two mins after I woke up to get a robe to put on, he pooped!
Aren't puppies fun!!
Are you walking him in the yard or around the block? Silly question, but for my corgi it makes a difference.

I didn't get mine as a puppy, but I found that if he won't poop and I walk him around the block he suddenly wants to poop two turds (I swear he counts em!) every 10 feet until he runs out of poop!
The vet thinks it's very strange, but she's said that he's got a clean bill of health.

He just doesn't want to poop in OUR yard, just every neighbors yard around the block (and boy do I hate picking it all up!).

Maybe yours is weird like mine!
Yes, I walk around the lake. We have a small grass area in front of our apartment. I get out of the apt. complex and to the lake and it hasnt been successful!:(
Darn! I hoped I had the magical answer for you ;)
Oh, Bootsy! Silly puppy!

Do you know the situation he came from? If his litter was kept inside in a pen without a separate area to go potty, and they were not taken outside frequently, he may have developed the habit of going inside and is actually trying to hold it because he thinks he should go in there. Or he might just be confused because he's still little.

If you have a day or two where you don't need to go anywhere, and the weather is decent, I would try spending most of the day outside with him. He's little and he won't be able to hold forever, and then when he finally goes make a huge deal. Tell him how wonderful he is and maybe clap for him or give him a treat. I know it's frustrating, but try waiting him out now when he's little; it's easier than waiting him out when he's 4 months old and can hold it for 4 or 5 hours....
A friend of ours had this problem before...we told them to make sure that the dog knows pooping inside is bad, so we told them to yell at the dog if she poops inside the house, and crate the dog for half an hour....then if she for what miracle poops outside, make sure to really praise her until she wags her tail and jumps around from pride that she did something good, but make sure to do it right when she poops and right after she poops. They have short term memory, they won't remember what they did that was being praised. And best way is to give treats right after the pup poops, so the pup would know that pooping outside = treats, pooping inside = crates/punishment. Seemed to work with our friend, but took them a while, and a lot of patience of walking outside for a loooong time until the dog poops...could also be because the dog was 2 or 3 yrs old...a little late for potty training.

Good luck with Bootsy!
Useless without PICTURES!! lol! Whatever you figure out, remember it for in a few months I will be in the same boat.
If you take the poop outside after he does it and leave it there (where the neighbors will not complain) he may go there the next time. That was the trick with my first dog. I also heard that ... it sounds odd... if you take a match stick and insert the red part into their bum it causes them to poop. I heard this from someone who does agility, because her dogs have to use the bathroom before they do the course. I am not sure how it works, I would google it before you try it to make sure it is a good idea.
Well, we will have a problem if the match stick broke :(( Dun think they will stay still for us to insert anything into the bum.
Hi Boots and Superstar!! I've always heard that putting their food or a giving a treat in the area where they keep having accidents(crate) deters them from having accidents as they don't like to eat and run(get it!) in the same spot! I gave Edward, Phinny and Gem treats in their kennel area and it seemed to work pretty good with only the occasional accident overnight!! Hope it helps!!!!!!


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