Hey everybody! I added a new member in our family....His name is Boots! I call him Bootsy! lol... anyways, Superstar did fine and dandy with her potty training. But, Bootsy cant do fine! He pees fine outside, but I tried to stay with him for a while, and I mean, last night I was outside for an hour and a half trying for him to poop! He has not pooped outside but when he comes back inside or is being placed in his crate, he poops! His crate is the appropriate size for him since Superduper used it before. Can anyone give me tips???Thanks!

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Ewww!! I can not believe you guys stick something up their butt!! Sparty does not like to go in the yard, I think he considers it all his home. Izzy has been trying to copy him but so far can not hold it that long. A walk around the block should work well. Also, I agree bringing a poop out with you may help. LOL.


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