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yes, another new corgi owner with training issues. We're hoping for help- we have two new babies: they are 12 weeks old. We've had them for two weeks. 


We're crating them at night and during the work day. We understand that they can only hold it for about 4 hours, so my husband comes home at lunch and I get up at 2am to let them out.


They do fine, basically, (a few accidents here and there), when we're all home and looking right at them.


What's really driving us nuts is the crating at night- I get up at 2am, take them outside, they pee, I stand out there

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What time do you feed the their last meal? You might have to do this a little earlier and do they get a good exercise/walk in before they get crated at night? My reasoning is then they may poop during this time instead of in their crate. Are they pooping overnight or while your gone at work? Either way it could be a feeding issue.
We feed them at about 5pm. They get good play in the evening, but they don't do very well on the leash yet, so not walks yet (we have a bit backyard for the peeing and pooping). We let them out before they go in the crates at 10pm.
feeding time and letting them out at night sounds good. Do they ever poop at 10??? I would think at their age by 10 they'd be ready to! Maybe a little more walking in the backyard do they pee at that time? What happens if you take them each out separate? Do they tend to business if both are out or play?
first problem is: crating them. they're Corgis. not oranges. poor animal. any animal that is crated is going to be pissed off and do passive aggressive stuff like poop. that's horrible. these are very social and sensitive and intelligent dogs. what do you think putting them in a cold crate at night will do? if you can't afford to give them a good warm home, just find a Corgi rescue that will take care of them.
Seriously, if you only have nasty things to say, please don't post. We are all here to try and help others, not to be judgemental
There is nothing wrong with crating!! Our corgi came crate trained and did very well with it!!! Crating not only helps with housebreaking it also keeps them safe. When we travel and have to stay in a hotel, his crate is his den and also knows that he is off duty once he is in there.
I agree ! We don't need negative! My dogs all love their crates...it's their safe havens! I don't shut their doors but it's unhealthy for them to have the run of the house and not be trained also! Why would a dog have a cold crate? Mine all have plenty of comfy blankets and several toys!

Elizabeth...do you think both are pooping or could it be just one? It sounds great that you are getting them out at 2 am! Some dogs do take longer and when possible I would try taking 1 out at a time and then you can take them both out after they have done their business to play!
that's an excellent idea- one at a time. Thanks! and they have blankets too. I'm not too worried about Mr. Cranky-pants up there. It was our dear friend and vet who suggested the crate-training, as does just about every book and website I've found.
I have crated my last two corgis and never pissed them off. Crating is not mean and she is here asking for help, not ridicule. Even now when I leave him out of his crate when I go somewhere, he goes in there because it's his bed and his safe place. Apparently, you wouldn't know.
How awful! Do you think that baby cribs and playpens are cruel, too?

The bulk of behaviorists would disagree with your position. Dogs are den animals and are quite content being crated. Generally, dogs that are crate trained house break much easier and it's the best way to keep them safe when you can't watch them.
My thoughts exactly. Both of my corgis were crated, at the breeder and at home. Ragnar's crate isn't cold--it has fluffy flannel sheets in it, and stuffed toys and chew things he loves. He has a big fat stuffed pumpkin he puts his head on as a pillow. He can burrow under his flannel sheets. He sleeps right next to our bed, so I can stick my fingers in if he gets lonely, and Aber has his bed right next to him. If we let him out at night, he could get into all sorts of things, like chewing wires. When I open the door for him, he goes right in and curls up. He likes it. But we don't keep him in it unless he's going to be unsupervised.


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