Hi all,


yes, another new corgi owner with training issues. We're hoping for help- we have two new babies: they are 12 weeks old. We've had them for two weeks. 


We're crating them at night and during the work day. We understand that they can only hold it for about 4 hours, so my husband comes home at lunch and I get up at 2am to let them out.


They do fine, basically, (a few accidents here and there), when we're all home and looking right at them.


What's really driving us nuts is the crating at night- I get up at 2am, take them outside, they pee, I stand out there

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Don't listen to people that tell you crating is bad. It is a wonderful way to work with a dog's natural urge to have a den. My dogs love their crates AND it keeps them safe when I can't watch them. I think I'd be a much worse dog owner if I allowed them to get into dangerous, potentially deadly, items when I am not keeping a close eye on a young pup. In short, I crate my puppies because I love them. I don't know of any good breeders who will place a puppy in a home that won't at least do some form of crate training.

As for your specific problems, there could be several issues. Are they crated together? They should be in seperate crates. Also, it would be helpful to know what kind of situation you got them from. Were they in runs or cages where they were left to potty? You need to go back to square one with potty training and perhaps tylry feeding them in their crate. Most dogs won't potty where they eat.

Also, a little off subject, but you really really need to enroll in a good puppy class. Raising two puppies at once is a huge undertaking and can be very daunting to the average dog owner. Most breeders will never let two pups go to the same house together for that reason. So make sure you have a good trainer to help you through the unique situations that will come up with raising "twins." Good luck!
Are you taking them out leashed at 10 so you can see what they are doing? It takes a little extra time initially but if you do they will learn sooner. Puppies are a lot like children at the toddler age. They really do not want to stop having fun to go on the potty until it is too late! LOL You can tell I am a Grandma! Sometimes at first they just need to keep on task and with two they probably want to play instead. It sounds like you are really trying so keep up the good work.
I would first like to say, there is NOTHING wrong with crating. I feel bad anyway because they give you the saddest face they can muster up and cry at first. Copper loves his crate now (only if it's his choice to go in there lol). I don't have to crate him anymore because he is great and never chews anything that isn't his and has no accidents. (I'm still trying to figure out if this is going to come back and bite me in the butt.. no dog can be that perfect lol) Anyways... I would keep doing what you are doing. How big are the crates? If they are too big, they will have accidents. If they are the right sizes for them, they shouldn't because most dogs don't want to be in their own waste. I never put food or water in the crate with them just because I didn't want to torture them by letting them eat and then not being able to go right away. It might work for some people so you could try it, I just never have. Most dogs also won't eat unless you are home because they don't know when the next time they can go out is. Copper never eats or drinks while we are gone and when we get home, we let him out and then he will come back in and eat and drink. I'll explain what worked for me in potty training. I've had two corgis, Pooh and now Copper. Pooh is gone now but when I first got him, he was paper trained. I was told that he would be hard to break of that. I had him completely trained in two weeks. Copper spent the beginning of his life in a barn going wherever he wanted and had him housebroken in 2 1/2 weeks. Copper only had 7 accidents. I counted! lol I was very persistent to taking him out right after he was done eating, playing, sleeping and any other time he would start sniffing around. Another big thing is praise! You ask if they have to go outside or go potty and get them all excited, then when you have them out there, tell them to go potty and when they do, be ready with cookies and lots of excitement!!!! This gets them excited and assures them that this is a good thing. Always be optimistic. Just when you think they are good to go, they could have an accident. If this happens, take them right outside. This helps them recognize the two things together. They have an accident, you tell them no, take them straight outside. If they go, you get excited, give cookies and praise and make sure they are finished. lol I got a little too excited and Copper wasn't done yet so he could have had an accident when he came in but didn't. Just whined to go back out! Well I hope we have all helped. Good luck!!!!! Let us know how it comes along.
Thanks everybody.We're trying feeding them in the crates (and then picking it up) and also covering the crates (they each have their own). We know it's more challenging with two, but we had litter mates before and it worked out really well. (they weren't this much trouble to potty train though!)

the breeder had them and their Mom in a run-type area in her basement where their bed was in one end and the puppies went in the other. I don't know if that has anything to do with their problems now. They didn't get outside, but it was really, really cold, so I wouldn't think that was odd.

Last night there was no pooping, just one of them peed. I'll keep everyody posted! We're working hard!

we already take them out and watch them
Littermates are twelve times harder to raise than singletons, for sure.

What surface were the babies on at the breeder's house? My litter is in my dining room and they are litterbox trained. They have beds, a big tiled play area, and a litterbox at the end. Puppies become VERY attuned to surfaces, so when mine go into new homes I will advise that the new owners spread some of their litterbox texture (in this case, wood pellets) in an area of the yard where they want the puppy to pee. If your breeder used newspaper or shavings, try putting whatever it is in a section of the yard and see if the babies will use it preferentially. That way you know they're empty before you bring them in.
Oh my, GREAT suggestion. It was wood shavings in the "poop and pee" area of their run. Will DEFINITELY try. Thanks so much!
So are you talking wood pellets such as stove pellets?
I'm glad to hear things are looking better and to see all the positive messages here. :)
Thanks to everybody for al the suggestions. We had a dry night last night! (and have incorporated most all of the great advice we've gotten here.) thanks again!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! Way to go doggies!


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