first off i apologize for this..unpleasnt discussion but im really at a loss here. teddy has always had a pooping problem which means unless its super quiet out and u dont look at him he wont go. hes been like this since he was a pup but he hasnt taken it to this extreme before.


every morning i take him out at 3 or 6 am as thats when my husband gets up for work and i do also. he goes right away in the morning as he knows he will get feed. well for the past couple of days he will not go. he just pees and then just stands there starring at me. i have literally stood there for a half hr staring at the wall thinking he too will stop starring at me and figure out that if he goes he gets to come inside. so when he dosnt i put him in his kennel until 9 because i go back to sleep. when i take him out he will do the same thing. so then i take him for a short walk. he will literaly wait until the poop is coimg out and then stops for maybe a second and well...lets just say he dosnt finish. even if i walk him around for 2hrs and u can clearly see he really has to go, he will not.


i just dont get it. he never has wanted to hold it for that long period of time before. he use to go 3-4 times a day. now its just a tiny amount in the morning. i know this may sound bad but is there anyway to give him some runny poop so he will go? thats the only time he will go without hesitating.


last night i only gave him a tiny amount of kibble and about 6 carrots hoping that would work and its didnt :(

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I've read a lot on here about pumpkin being good for poop problems.  Just buy the canned stuff (pumpkin only/no spices).  I think the amount is like 1 TB per meal.  May help things "move" along, lol.   Do you feed just once a day?  With corgis they say that 2-3 meals a day works best.   I give Ella 1/2 cup in the morning, then 1/2 cup at dinner, but the amount really depends on your doggy. 

Good luck.

thanks for the reply. i feed teddy twice a day. he gets a full cup in the morning and half a cup at night. the reason i give him a full cup is because he is very fit and we go out everyday for 2hours of exercise. i gave him some canned pumpkin this morning but it didnt do anything:(
If he doesn't go soon, perhaps a trip to the vet is in order to check for intestinal problems. Maybe he has a blockage or partial blockage.
i was hoping it wouldnt have to come to that but ill do it, i want him to be ok. i will see what happens when i take him out in the morning. i gave him some canned pumpkin tonight hoping that would push things through


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