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I have a 4 month corgi - his name is Tonka and he has quite the personality, as I'm sure most of your corgi pups do too :)

Anyways, I have had him for 2 months and we have been working on potty training since day one. The problem I am having is getting him to TELL US when he needs to go out. I've tried the bell on the door but he doesn't use it to let us know he needs outside (he actually hasn't event touched it). I take him out the same door all the time, and ring the bell every single time and say "potty outside", he is on a schedule right now, but still has accidents and I just want him to let us know when he has to go! We kennel him while we are at work and he doesn't have accidents in the kennel, so I know he can hold it - which is why it makes me even more upset when he pees in the floor right in front of me, rather than going to the door and saying he needs out.

We cant have a doggy door because our cat is strictly indoors...

I'd appreciate any advice and/or tips and tricks!



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My way is to make going outside more than just a quick potty. I always stay long enough for Butters to pee twice. The first pee is exictment pee and is just enough to take the edge off. He will run around an play a little then walk in a circle (his poopie dance) we play a little more until he pees again. Then I give him a little treat and tell him how good he is to potty outside. The only downside is he might fake pee and turn for his treat. Be firm and wait for the real thing.  About every 4 hours (when I am home)I get up and start saying who wants to go potty! The big dogs will ask to go on their own but if they are inside when I call potty,potty, potty the run to the door just like him. Butters is 12 weeks old and uses pads when we are gone and at night if he wakes up. I had to stop crating him when we left because he would yodel and upset the other dogs. He can be very vocal.

Tonka will run towards the door when we say "go potty" or "outside" and we take him out every 2-4 hours when we are home but I want to train him to tell us rather than us tell him when to go out.. I did quickly learn to let him pee a couple times before bringing him back inside! He will usually go 2-3 times before he's actually done. Like I said, it's just frustrating because I know he can hold it, so why doesn't he just go to the door if he has to go!?

Are there doggy doors that can still keep a cat inside?

Tonka used to cry when I would crate him while I was at work but he doesn't mind it so much now. He still won't go in there willingly (unless the cat is in there of course) but he doesn't cry as much!

The scratching the door/wall is a very good idea, but if you would rather use the bell you can use the same concept. You just take his little paw and have HIM ring the bell before you take hime outside. But whichever you prefer.
Also, I wouldn't spend the money for a doggy door, even a cheap one. Just for the simple fact that if Tonka doesn't go to the door in order to let you know that he needs to go potty, he will not actually use the doggy door to go potty. He may not even use it at all.
That is just my opinion.
Good luck with your potty training!! He will get it!

They have doggie doors that open only when the transmitter on the pet's collar gets near ($$$) Which is a handy gadget if you live where other people's cats or wild critters might come in. I would imagine that your cat could learn to go out with the dog.

Hi I have an amazing trick I learned from a dog trainer and it's super easy. Everytime you go take your dog outside scratch the wall with your finger nails or the dogs nails and this teaches him to scratch when he has to go. He will pick up on this in just around a week.

Here's one:


The transmitter on your dog's collar opens the door, but the cat won't have one.

I've had a doggy door for years, long before Lilliput came along. I swear that my old dog potty-trained my corgi puppy using that door. However, my door is the removable type that fits into a sliding patio door so we take it down in the winter. When her doggy door disappeared, Lilli didn't know how to ask. How do you scratch on a glass patio door???? So she figured out that there is a wooden door at the bottom of the stairs to the basement. If she needs to go out at night (rare) she goes down to that noisy wood door to scratch to wake us to say "let me out that slippery, silent glass door!" (Now she has a bell to ring.)

Thanks for the tips! Now we are working on scratching the door when we go out rather than ringing the bell. Wish us luck :)

my advice would be to get rid of the cat(smile)


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