First off, forgive me if this situation is repetitive in the forums. :p

I went away for a couple of weeks to visit my sister in North Carolina & Remy stayed here with my boyfriend. However, my boyfriend was working a lot & Remy got into the habit of going potty inside the house once again. ): Cj, my boyfriend, would take him before he went to work & after, but Remy would wait until he got inside to do his business. When I got back from North Carolina, I tried to get Remy back on his normal schedule by taking him out every hour or so for about 20-30 minutes. This has been almost a month since then & he has YET to potty outside. I've tried everything from telling him BAD when he does it & keeping him in our room away from everyone for about 15 minutes to just letting him stay outside until he goes.

He seems to be holding it UNTIL we get into the house & then he decides to go. What are some ways to help him get out of his bad habits once again?

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